Opening Day-
Due to a poor choice in husbands, my mother was forced to play both mother and father until I got my license to drive. Probably the happiest day in her life.
She was a trooper- she would get up with me at 4 in the morn and drive me to Southford Falls or Hop Brook.
never complained no matter how miserable the weather. She would wait in the car while I fished. Then we would treat ourselves to breakfast. My mother was one of the greatest generation who did everything for her son.

At the ripe old age of 63, As luck would have it- I joined a private club with a heavily stocked catch and release pond.I fish there first because the pond has terrific hatches and the fish are as dumb as a rock-LOL- Even I can catch one or two. On the way home , I hit a major trout stream.By the time I get to the stream, everyone has gone or those that remain tell me the stream is fished out. I just smile cause I know that 50 yards up or down stream from the road, the pools will be loaded with fish.

Tight Lines everyone- Good luck and be safe. And remember, Your God does not deduct the time spent fishing,hunting and camping from your life span. Based on that- go fishing a lot.