It appears to me that Inland Fisheries continued stocking all last week before and after the Governor's announcement that the trout opener was now going to be Wednesday 3/25. One reason is that it would cost the state more money to keep the trout at the hatchery than it would by putting them in a truck and having a two man crew dump them in the lakes and streams. What will suffer is the stream distribution. The easiest spots will get stocked. No running nets up into the woods now, no parking on one side of the road and running nets across moving traffic, those kind of changes. So a stream like the Norwalk River will probably be stocked in maybe half of the spots on the stocking map.
I went through the stocking info that has occurred already and I did not see the Norwalk River as being stocked yet.
That stream is usually stocked the week before the season opener which, based upon the normal schedule, has not happened yet so I am assuming there are nothing but holdovers in there now. If anyone has fished it yet can confirm or correct this impression that would be helpful.