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#1467304 - 01/02/13 09:41 AM Re: Lifetime licenses [Re: EnCon Police]
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Registered: 06/04/03
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the lifetime license would count as a permanant angler annually. only the government could find a way to screw up what we had and make more work for themselves.

to eliminate administrative costs, AND keep the insisted upon angler census that is evidently used for absolutely nothing in the marine district, the solution is as simple as an online/hotline registry. costs nothing through automation, which as im sure you all know, is done for everything now.

ya dial in, verify you are fishing for that year with your lifetime license, done.

the website update is paid for with money from our already inflated investment of fishing license fees from those without the lifetime bit. it might cost the state a grand to set that up online....
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#1467410 - 01/02/13 03:24 PM Re: Lifetime licenses [Re: EnCon Police]
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Wouldn't work, state wouldn't know about dead license holders and whether they actually intended to fish each year. Remember, salt water is a Federal mandate, not state per se.

Lifetime is FREE and the town needs to validate it's you, that's why you need to show up in person, on line, anyone could do it by easily falsifying information.

OB, ever work in IT? $1,000 won't even buy you the business requirements, never mind the programming.

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#1467418 - 01/02/13 03:48 PM Re: Lifetime licenses [Re: EnCon Police]
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Registered: 06/04/03
Posts: 17639
IT?!?! clearly no ray smile1. if it doesnt make notes i dont have a clue.

some thoughts:

i think dead licensees wouldnt be a problem, because they wouldnt be re registering. people get a valid wildlife id number, and enter it in for renewal. the state has verification, the info can then be forwarded to the feds, and the quota met? yes?

sure people could falsify info, but i dont see the benifit of doing so on a lifetime bit. you get caught with a fake license, or someone elses, whats that gonna do for you? same as if you didnt register or buy one to begin with! they'd have to take the time to create false identities for what, a 200$ license thats fake? i dont see any criminal, especially the ones with the ability to do so doing that.

we BANK relatively safely on the internet. if a fishing license registry cannot be implemented, something is seriously wrong....
#1467447 - 01/02/13 05:59 PM Re: Lifetime licenses [Re: EnCon Police]
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O-BASS, just seeing this thread now.
I agree that a 'lifetime' license program for purchase is something we should push for.

They do it in California and all my fishing friends bought them. It is a bit of an investment at first but it pays off in long run.


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