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#1762438 - 03/21/19 12:38 PM Re: Are you fishing Opening Day? [Re: Mitch P.]


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Great stories and good thread!! I too find opening day exciting and it has given me many memories and brings a big smile to my face mostly stoked by family activity.For a number of years I was not able to fish and I would always reminisce and vow to fish it when I could. I also get a big lift out of seeing others enjoying the outdoors in a positive manor like I do. Esp. the kids.....
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#1762508 - 03/22/19 10:08 PM Re: Are you fishing Opening Day? [Re: Mitch P.]
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#1762512 - 03/23/19 12:34 AM Re: Are you fishing Opening Day? [Re: FarmerJay]
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Originally Posted By: FarmerJay
When I was young, my Dad used to combine opening day with an annual camping trip. I remember not being able to sleep for days in anticipation. I remember following my Grandfather's tractor as he plowed the gardens picking up garden worms vs night crawlers. Many times, the garden worms I had, out-fished people with the crawlers.

My parents divorced my Sr year of high school, so my Dad and I skipped the trip that year. Over the next year, I got it wet for the first time, and started chasing girls. Sadly, they quickly became a higher priority to me than fishing.

Now as an adult, I look back at my youth, with my Dad having passed now, and wished I took advantage of the time I had left with him while he was here. We can't change time though, and we're forced to live with the choices we have made!

I still enjoy getting out and fishing our old haunts, remembering our times together though. I don't have the tolerance for the crowds like I did when I was a kid, so I often wait until Saturday evening, or Sunday morning.

Those that have Dads still here, spend an afternoon fishing with them. Those that have children, take them fishing and let them take part in the excitement, because some day, when you're gone, they'll have those memories to warm their hearts when they miss you!


Jay you've about hit it "dead on"!!!

One of my "earliest" opening day memories is going to the Farmington River with my father back in the very early 70's. It was at the dam on RTE#4 just before the Collinsville Axe Factory.

We got there and of course it was packed so we had to keep walking down river till we found an open spot to fish. I think my father caught some trout & I didn't get the jist of river fishing at the time so I more or less just walked around "looking for treasure". Anyway it was a very good time for the both of us.

I should've been here yesterday?
I was...
And I didn't catch anything then either!!!

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#1762528 - 03/23/19 10:11 AM Re: Are you fishing Opening Day? [Re: Mitch P.]
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Most likely I will fish opening day. Pending the weather, I might take the boat out. If I am busy or the weather is iffy, I will sneak out in the afternoon to some local spots in Tolland/Vernon/Willington. It is not so much about the fishing as it is making a declaration that another New England winter has for the most part past and that I remain sane (for the most part).

Reflecting on Jay's thoughts earlier in this post, for many years, I would take my son out as a child and did so till about 6 years ago when he went off to college in Vermont. Now he he is finishing up his masters in Pottsdam NY (Clarkson University) which is a little south of Ottawa Canada. Considering he has taken a job coaching at Wesleyan Virginia Beach, it is not likely I will get to fish opening day with him anytime soon. On a brighter note, I will be visiting my son in late June for a 4 day weekend of Virginia Beach/Chesapeake Bay fishing. Also, my grandson (my daughter's child) will be two this August. Another year or two and he will be up for fishing and dogging. Dogging refers to the after fishing activity of driving from one hot dog wagon/joint to the next after having a dog or two. There is a lot more driving up here than there was in Brooklyn NY when my grandfather used to take me. Bottom line... fishing was always more about spending quality time outdoors with family. I am glad I have gotten out almost every opening day.

For the younger guys out there, no one ever, if they get the chance, on their deathbed looks back and says I wish I had worked another day or spent another day doing spring clean up. Yes opening day fishing is generally far from the best fishing but spending time with people you love and seeing some of the "tools" (there was guy on the Willimantic a few years back with a 11' surf rod, not a noodle rod, a real surf stick) are the stuff that fantastic memories are made of. I don't care if it's raining/snowing, cold etc. Get yourselves out there and make some memories. See ya at Harry's/Colechester which is a must stop on the "dog trail".
#1762530 - 03/23/19 10:15 AM Re: Are you fishing Opening Day? [Re: Mitch P.]
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#1763602 - 04/11/19 03:17 PM Re: Are you fishing Opening Day? [Re: Mitch P.]
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315,000 trout stocked for Opening Day:

2019 DEEP Opening Day pr 04-11-2019.pdf (4 downloads)

#1763607 - 04/11/19 03:20 PM Re: Are you fishing Opening Day? [Re: Mitch P.]
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#1763608 - 04/11/19 03:25 PM Re: Are you fishing Opening Day? [Re: Mitch P.]
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One more day gators and bass.

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#1763609 - 04/11/19 03:30 PM Re: Are you fishing Opening Day? [Re: Mitch P.]
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Yes, I will be fishing below the covered bridge on the Salmon River in Colchester using a 9' Surf rod, 50 lb braid and a huge triple treble hook plug. This will be more entertaining than catching 10" stocked trout.


#1763613 - 04/11/19 04:01 PM Re: Are you fishing Opening Day? [Re: Mitch P.]
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Iíll prob opt out and go to Boston for the Sat Red Sox game.

Iíll make a few shore/wading casts from Cedar Lake in Chester at some point. Pretty spot, always do well there and landed a 28Ē Brown Trout wading there 2-3 years ago on Opening Day.

Have fun all. Enjoy the outdoors with fam & friends.
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