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#1767911 - 06/27/19 04:23 PM Re: upper housy boat ramp [Re: angler65]
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My 2 cents on this stretch of river having guided a few drift boat trips through it.

This area is not suited for the in expierenced, some very large boulders hidden across the river just up from launch that eat props and will damage hulls, after that not much to worry about other than sand bars and mud shoals until you get up into Cannan just below the rt 44 bridge which brings you into more rocks.

A mile north of the rt 44 bridge if your lucky enough to navigate this far up damage free will bring you to an un passable dam most people do not even know is there.

I love fishing this stretch but have caused some damage to a fiberglass drift boat floating it,the rocks are sharp,jagged and hard to see with the poor water clarity, many rocks sit just below the waters surface waiting to puncture a hull.

If all goes well I am hoping to be floating this stretch again next season from a 16' Stealth Craft pontoon Raft with 15 hp and a good skeg/prop guard lol

There is only one full time guide I know of running this stretch of river and he runs a very nice jet sled up and down it.

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#1767916 - 06/27/19 05:04 PM Re: upper housy boat ramp [Re: angler65]
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Falls Village and Bulls Bridge dams are run of river operations, much to the chagrin of the whitewater rafting community which petitioned otherwise. They have minimal ponding capacity anyway, but under the run-of-river requirements the current in the stretch above the dam is the same as the current below the dam on any normal day.

There are gates in the dam that can be used for a short period of time to lower the pool height for emergencies and maintenance, but they're not permitted to pond water behind the dams to increase flow.

This is all taken from their license agreement with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which can be found here:


The information I'm referencing above is from pages 52 and 53 of that document.

As far as running the river with an outboard...be careful. There aren't navigation marker buoys and there are numerous submerged rocks that will tear up not only your outboard but the bottom of your boat too.
#1767923 - 06/27/19 06:06 PM Re: upper housy boat ramp [Re: O-BASS]
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Originally Posted By: O-BASS

1. Shut up about the river, all of you.

2. Its super low- any boat now would be very tough.

3. A 12 foot Jon boat can be used to float 1 way, canoe or yak. It's hard work up north, not bass boat water. You really have to want it, mostly foot based fishing and wet wading. Yiu can slip pool to pool but you're dragging over rocks normally after July 1st

Mike, sorry to jump on that post, and take it wrong.

What I saw by reading it was a first line that was very protective, followed by info that may or may not have been credible. It very easily could have been taken wrong by someone that knew nothing of the area. That would be me.

To me it looked like you were saying, stop blowing up my spot, stay away from my prize fishing hole, it's no good, you can't get a boat in there, and it's so low all you can do is wade fish it.

Now, because of your first response of "Shut up about the river, all of you" I had no idea if the information you posted after that was accurate, or if you were trying to give false information to deter people from fishing there.

I don't fresh water fish much, so it doesn't really bother me either way. However, by the way I read and took your response, I felt like it was protective vs an effort to be helpful. That made me feel for both Angler65 because he started the thread in good faith, asking for honest information, and also for Barn1 because Buck offered info, and he asked for some clarity.

In my opinion, we're supposed to be a family here, and although many of us choose to keep our spots private, we need to remember that we don't own them. We can't scold other's for an effort to help someone. Being quiet, hoping that too much info isn't spilled, or a simple PM is in the spirit of CTF, but saying something like "Shut up about the river" isn't, specially coming from a MOY.

It's all good Mike. I see now I misunderstood your response, but honestly, I can see how many people might have thought the same after reading that reply.


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#1767926 - 06/27/19 07:21 PM Re: upper housy boat ramp [Re: O-BASS]
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It sure didn't sound like a joke to me. It sounded like you were yelling at some kids. That's what I found offensive. That's the danger of non-verbal communications.

Thanks for the info and boat offer.



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