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#1771640 - 09/10/19 11:37 AM Survey on Tautog fishing and management regs
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Some of you will receive an e-mail or postcard inviting you to complete a survey. The e-mail will be from the UConn Tautog Team. The postcard has a picture of a blackfish on the front and the text "Long Island Sound Tautog Fishing Study Survey of Anglers", and this is also in the body of the e-mail.

If you get the invitation, please complete the survey! This is completely legit. This survey will take about 13 to 17 minutes for most people to complete. If you complete the survey you will be entered into a lottery for one of 10 $100 gift cards. Your privacy will be protected: all of your answers will be kept strictly confidential within the research team.

Thank you for participating in our study!
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#1771641 - 09/10/19 12:42 PM Re: Survey on Tautog fishing and management regs [Re: uconnfishdoc]
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Thank you for your efforts as well !

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#1771646 - 09/10/19 02:58 PM Re: Survey on Tautog fishing and management regs [Re: uconnfishdoc]
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I got the survey but it failed on about the 5th or 6th page- kept asking me the same questions multiple times. I gave up trying

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#1771648 - 09/10/19 06:00 PM Re: Survey on Tautog fishing and management regs [Re: normal saline]
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I did it yesterday also. You are right, they ask the same questions on 4-5 screens, BUT those same questions are based on 3 different regulatory options that are unique to each screen. My survey presented options A,B,and C in chart form at the top and the chart was slightly different on each screen.

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