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#1825965 - 01/12/22 09:53 PM 2021 summary one Buck little hunting
deep callin Offline


Registered: 06/18/05
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I haven't been on here or posted at all this season seeing that we sold our house in North Haven and
We purchased a home in the woods in Portland CT.
Haven't had any time to fish scout or hunt this season.

I was only able to get out a couple times and really just watched the cellular trail cams to give me an idea of what was happening.

I had to pickup a used Freezer on Nov 5th so I went to the farm nearby that we have permission afterwards to hunt. Seeing one cam had a decent buck showing up randomly in evenings. I setup on the ground, in the field along the fence row. Set my seat against a flatbed trailer setting my crossbow on the back of the trailer as a bench rest, with my fleece under it to keep it quiet. The fence row was only 17 yards away, so had to be ready if anything came, it would be a close shot and I had no cover.
Shortly after getting setup, I heard something coming and a 8 point came right down the edge and stopped at 17 yds broadside I took the shot aiming for the heart but he dropped a little and hit him center of the chest, he took two jumps and then came over the fence and stopped at 10 yard. He flicked the tail and walked off. About 100 yards down the field he laid down. I took 10 min before he finally expired.I'm thinking the shoulders sealed the wound and he didn't bleed out, chest was full inside.
It has been a tough year for a lot of CT hunters, seeing there is lot of food in the woods and the deer population at it's lowest I've ever seen it.
I was Just lucky to be able to get one even if it was a gimmie I appreciated it and took just a little of the pressure off not being able to get out!
Fewer Euro mounts to do this year also.

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#1825967 - 01/12/22 11:07 PM Re: 2021 summary one Buck little hunting [Re: deep callin]


Registered: 04/15/05
Posts: 2589
Wow!!! Big deer, great rack, congrats!!!!
#1825968 - 01/12/22 11:17 PM Re: 2021 summary one Buck little hunting [Re: deep callin]
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Registered: 05/02/03
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Nice one Isaac! It was a tough season but should allow for a robust 2022 as long as the snow and ice don’t pile up a crust to help the coyotes.
Thx for posting, was hoping you were ok.
#1825974 - 01/13/22 06:04 AM Re: 2021 summary one Buck little hunting [Re: deep callin]
Don P Online   content


Registered: 05/03/07
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Loc: CLINTON & West Hartford, CT
That’s another big heavy deer. Congrats. That’s some close quarters hunting, and from a flatbed trailer! That will get the heart pumping! After allllllll of these years and deer….do you still get that adrenaline kick?….probably, and I hope so.

Congrats on the new house in the woods in Portland. Moving and setting up a new house is a lot of time and effort. Any hunting potential on that piece?
#1825975 - 01/13/22 07:18 AM Re: 2021 summary one Buck little hunting [Re: deep callin]
O-BASS Offline


Registered: 06/04/03
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New house, and a nice buck. Congrats on both Isaac!
#1825978 - 01/13/22 08:59 AM Re: 2021 summary one Buck little hunting [Re: deep callin]
OldSchool Offline


Registered: 06/12/02
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Nice job on the buck!

If you end up knocking around Meshomasic we will probably end up running in to each other.

There are some fine areas of state land in Portland/Glastonbury

I’ve been thinking of getting a crossbow for early season but have not yet committed to it…….I still enjoy fall turkey season

But I’m seeing more and more quality bucks being harvested with cross bows……..yours is a fine trophy.

I've read the Bible...Jesus wins.
#1825981 - 01/13/22 10:25 AM Re: 2021 summary one Buck little hunting [Re: deep callin]
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Registered: 01/17/03
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Very nice buck and a great hunt. Good luck with the new house too.
#1825984 - 01/13/22 10:42 AM Re: 2021 summary one Buck little hunting [Re: deep callin]
swwind Offline


Registered: 06/10/03
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Gorgeous big buck . . . . . out of a very unusual set up.

Well done . . . . more time in the woods next season.

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#1826005 - 01/13/22 03:42 PM Re: 2021 summary one Buck little hunting [Re: deep callin]
Don D Offline


Registered: 01/03/02
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Loc: Bristol, CT
If you are only going to get one it mite as well be a good one. Congrats

If there are fish to catch. I'll be there to my end.
#1826061 - 01/14/22 02:49 PM Re: 2021 summary one Buck little hunting [Re: deep callin]
Jighead Offline

I love re-re-opening day

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That's funny - My goal for 2022 is to have an "Isaac tough Season"


Very Nice Issac

....Fingers Crossed again, that the water warms up enough for a Tog bite in April.


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