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#786915 - 06/17/03 08:31 PM The Heavy Metal Thread
Mitch P. Offline

Registered: 05/04/01
Posts: 28860
OK heavy metal fans, I know there are a few of you on this site...

Anyone buy the new Metallica album? Your thoughts?

I haven't gotten the nerve to buy the new album, because I think the title track being played on the radio is pretty bad.

I have three passions...fishing, fitness and music.

We've obviously covered fishing here. I never really bring up any fitness topics. But we have approached music here, so I wanted to get a discussion going on this.

Today is a sad day. I'm afraid one of my favorite bands of the metal genre has finally lost its appeal to me. I held on for a long time, though...I tried really hard to like the last albums (Load and re-Load) but the feel just wasn't the same has with the past albums.

R.I.P. Metallica.
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#786916 - 06/17/03 08:47 PM Re: The Heavy Metal Thread
Spicoli Offline

Registered: 04/23/02
Posts: 374
Yeah, they cut their hair, and now they suck!

"I'm the master of low expectations." - George W. Bush
#786917 - 06/17/03 11:13 PM Re: The Heavy Metal Thread
Steve-O'Sea Offline

Registered: 03/03/03
Posts: 1721
Yeah it's to bad. Kinda had to force myself to "Like " the last 2 albums.

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#786918 - 06/18/03 12:35 AM Re: The Heavy Metal Thread
Stormshadow Offline

Registered: 03/19/02
Posts: 5815
Loc: Northford
While I've liked the recent changes made since the black album, this one flat out SUCKS...its currently sitting on my desk and will be SOLD to CD revolution very shortly. Waste of money.

I can't believe Bob Rock produced this crap.
#786919 - 06/18/03 01:13 AM Re: The Heavy Metal Thread
mikek06511 Offline


Registered: 06/25/02
Posts: 9518
I heard one radio guy say that this was an attempt to get back to their roots but I also have a hard time liking any of it I have heard.

I have to agree that I also think it sucks.
#786920 - 06/18/03 02:24 AM Re: The Heavy Metal Thread
jimmy Offline


Registered: 04/15/02
Posts: 11524
their albums keep getting weaker and weaker.. gotta love the classic metallica
#786921 - 06/18/03 12:28 PM Re: The Heavy Metal Thread
Timber24 Offline

Registered: 07/11/02
Posts: 220
I had given up on Metallica when the Black album came out and made it apparent that fame and radio play became more important than the music. Enter Sandman is just as bad of a song as any of the newer tunes. You just can't beat the stuff from the eighties that would, as my friend would say, "crack the concrete".

Master of Puppets is still one the all-time greatest metal albums. I just feel that most mainstream music is pretty bad, and it is no place for bands that want to keep their following.

I give them credit for hanging around so long and bringing in a new fan base of little kids. But it does doesn't cut it for us who were raised on the first four albums.

Most problems seem to fade away once you get a solid dose of fish slime under your fingernails.

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#786922 - 06/18/03 12:32 PM Re: The Heavy Metal Thread
slacktide Offline

Barstool philosopher

Registered: 03/19/02
Posts: 4142
Saint Sux.
Need I say more?
#786923 - 06/18/03 12:51 PM Re: The Heavy Metal Thread
Zach S. Offline


Registered: 01/09/02
Posts: 4596
Loc: Pardeeville, WI
i've heard the new song a few times (unfortunately) and only bits of other new songs...

1. hetfield just does not sound good... he does not have the edge or power to his voice that he once had... whether it is the mix (a better mix would help his sound a little) or his voice just sux now, that is what first bothers me... he is not steady on his pitches... he is forcing his voice to hit pitches that don't sound good for him anymore- it just doesn't sound good at all... and if the voice is bad- the entire music is tainted...

2. the lyrics are TERRIBLE "i'm madly in anger with you" :rolleyes: such a stupid line- and he says it like 20 times throughout the song... just pathetic...

3. the mix is horrible... Lars- fix your snare sound! - the snare drum sound makes or breaks a drummer's sound- and that annoying, overly-resonant, too loud, hollow snare is the loudest sound on the entire mix... and is there even a bass guitar in the music? it worked on master of puppets and "and justice..." only because of the exceptional guitar, voice, and drums sound- but this new music NEEDS bass- because everything else is so weak...

4. going back to the progressive metal was the approach- which is what we all wanted... and i like some of the faster parts and riffs (it is the ONLY highlight) ... but the same riffs go on forever in that song... and the riffs just don't hook you like old metallica used to... they are sub-par for what metallica has done in the past... maybe they really were using leftover "Dave mustaine" riffs and finally ran out...

5. (almost forgot) is Kirk even playing? haha- there is not one inkling of a lead sound on the new song - or even on the bits of other songs i have heard... i guess i can live without solos... but it seems the guitar sound is just 2 rythem guitars doubled up- playing the same riffs simultaneously!?!?!? haha... what a waste of a decent guitar player?? solos are kind of a dinosaur in metal now- but even that "lead" rythem (know what i mean?) is gone... always an important part of metallica's sound... gone... very sad... how do take away the best parts of the music and then expect to hold up against what they have done in the past? :rolleyes:

hate to say it- but metallica is past its peak- and has been declining for a long time... some bands seem to get better with every cd... i don't like godsmack- but there last cd really impressed me... stain'd seems to get better and better (i don't really like them a lot either...) sevendust- every cd they release just blows me away... tool peaked out at aenima- lateralus was not nearly as good... but they are still EXTREMELY good and i think they have the potential to top aenima - lets hope they don't slip like metallica did... system of a down gets better every cd... these bands are still approaching there peak- and are the current state of metal (like it or not) - much like metallica was in the late 80's... but i guess everyone has to decline at sometime...

my 2 cents... maybe a little more \:D

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#786924 - 06/18/03 01:19 PM Re: The Heavy Metal Thread
slacktide Offline

Barstool philosopher

Registered: 03/19/02
Posts: 4142
I try to look on the bright side,
Nevermore's new album comes out July 29th
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It's good to know musicianship isn't dead, just no longer in favor with the mass's
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