January Deer Archery

Posted by: Sickday

January Deer Archery - 01/03/21 07:01 PM

My 2021 Archery License say 2 January Deer (1 either sex and 1 antlerless).Did the archery season open state wide in January 2021?
My 2020 Archery license specified zone 11/12 private land for January.
Posted by: Tall 1

Re: January Deer Archery - 01/03/21 09:57 PM

It is only Zones 11 and 12 on private land. No changes
Posted by: Sickday

Re: January Deer Archery - 01/05/21 07:43 PM

Bummer, I was hoping Ned signed an executive order giving us January because of Covid.