I'm back??

Posted by: CAPT. HOOP

I'm back?? - 11/26/19 10:04 AM

Trying to navigate through the phone so I can go back to putting up interesting colorful reports. I may have to go through the in state/out of state issue again but so be it. Although the fishing here is on fire i am closing down my operation here for a bit. I am going to ST. Croix to captain a boat for a while. No idea what is ahead of me but "I got this!"

Anyway Happy Thanksgiving, great fishing and family time, and stay warm.

Life is Good
Posted by: Crazy Ivan

Re: I'm back?? - 11/26/19 10:09 AM

Colorful is good. Like life!

Posted by: John from Madison CT

Re: I'm back?? - 11/26/19 05:09 PM

Good to hear from you Hoop. We thought of you today. We fished the "Hoop Drift". Happy Thanksgiving.
Posted by: Don P

Re: I'm back?? - 11/26/19 05:12 PM

St. Croix! Nice! Looking fwd to hearing and seeing your reports already.
Posted by: Eazy

Re: I'm back?? - 11/26/19 05:53 PM

Not a report in state, but thanks, ill look in another thread.

goble goble
Posted by: earl bird

Re: I'm back?? - 11/26/19 06:25 PM

St. Croix - real nice there.
Good luck.
Posted by: Mitch P.

Re: I'm back?? - 11/27/19 08:46 AM

Happy Thanksgiving, Hoop!