Larger top water lures

Posted by: MikeV

Larger top water lures - 03/14/20 08:52 PM

We all know that under the right conditions, top water lures/frogs can be extremely deadly. The Whooper Ploper and knock offs of it work well. Hulla popers, Devil's horses, frogs, and spooks have worked well since they have been around. Over the last year, I purchased several plastic top water mice, a couple of top water rats, and a duckling. I have not fished any of these and I am setting up my tackle for this season. A couple of questions...

Has anybody consistently caught on mice?, rats?, ducklings?, squirrels?

Do you think that the type of animal being impersonated makes any difference since the large predator (bass, pike, catfish) is attacking what ever is decent sized meal (my guess they all look alike from straight or nearly straight up)?

Are these lures very well designed to catch fishermen as opposed to fish?

I don't get to fish enough to deviate much from "tried and true" lures. I would not have tried the Whooper Ploper if my son had not told me that the fishing club at Clarkson University was doing very well with them. Any input would be most appreciated.
Posted by: JoshSmith100

Re: Larger top water lures - 03/14/20 09:24 PM

I have tried fishing a small duckling in known pike spots and havenít caught anything. Throw a different lure 15 minutes in the same spot and I will catch one. I think they are more catching the fisherman.
Posted by: JBones

Re: Larger top water lures - 03/17/20 09:00 AM

Hard to compare them to smaller topwater baits. I use mice,rats ... and catch fish. Less fish but it weeds out the smaller bass.