Carp questions

Posted by: MikeV

Carp questions - 06/17/20 07:15 PM

My son and I fished the CT river in the Windsor area last Saturday 6/13 and Monday 6/15. Both trips were good. Saturday: 18 smaillies(about half were decent sized) and two stripers (one was decent). Monday 15 smallies no stripers most were like this:

Fish were caught on jointed Rapalla and Rapalla deep diving Shad when there was water and grass was not too thick.

On Saturday we saw hundreds of carp swim by ranging from a couple of pounds to some that looked like a beer keg with fins (I am guessing well north of 20 Lbs.). They were generally in 5' of water or less. On Monday we did not see as many but still saw quite a few. Also saw a fair amount of catfish. Water was very clear. You could see bottom most of the time.

I would like to try to catch some of those carp. I will be fishing solo from my 16.5' Bass Tracker and was planning to launch from the Barber Street/under 291. A few questions:

What is the best depth and type of bottom to anchor on?

What is the hook up protocol in terms of does one strike at first indication or let them run a bit?

Is it recommended to chum?

Any other advice will be most appreciated.

Thanks for the help

Posted by: whaler150dan

Re: Carp questions - 06/17/20 07:45 PM

Wow, I don't know anything about carp fishing but I know there are a few CTFers who are really into it. I recall reading their posts and really enjoying them. Sadly I think one of the biggest enthusiast carpers passed away at too young of an age... but those posts are still in the archive and you should be able to learn a ton of info from them. All sorts of stuff about using corn and stuff I never bothered to retain (if you can look it up, don't clog your brain mentality). PM Mitch if you can't locate the old threads, I'm sure he could help with that.

Good luck! And please post about your efforts... good or not-so results.
Posted by: Buck

Re: Carp questions - 06/18/20 09:30 AM

I think the carp are in spawning mode right now. In Candlewood you see them in the weed beds along shore or where ever there is brush in the water when they are spawning.
So for the river I would think the carp are looking for back-waters or eddies where there are weed beds or brushy shorelines so they can spawn. If they are there you will see them. If you can find that kind of area regardless of the bottom I would anchor up and chum with whole kernal corn from a can so it is soft. Throw out handfuls of corn and broadcast it over your fishing area. For bait, use the corn, a piece of worm or one of the carp balls you can research and make yourself.
The catfish could be following the carp so they can get a meal of eggs. For them any kind of cut bait like a piece of bluegill, shiner, sucker, etc. They will hit the worm too. I would have one pole out for them, there are some nice channel catfish in the river.
So those are some ideas. Sounds like an interesting trip.
Posted by: MikeV

Re: Carp questions - 06/18/20 12:49 PM


Thanks for the information. I hope to get out there Saturday for a mix of smallie and carp fishing. Buck, I think you are right about the spawning. My son and I drove by several schools of carp that were breaking the surface but not chasing or feeding on anything. I hope I get a few because I will feel really inept if the carp are all around me like an Abbott & Costello movie and I don't put one in the boat. I will be cooking up some bollie and maing up some hair rigs.

I will post the results of my effort to catch the "blue collar bone fish"

Posted by: ecurB

Re: Carp questions - 06/18/20 04:18 PM

I fished for them pretty regularly years back . Pretty much Bucks method of chumming corn in slow moving areas . I used light 6lb and a reel with a nice smooth drag . #6 hook with 3-4 nice kernels with a small egg sinker held 18" over the hook by a tiny split shot .

Walmart and Dick's sell the best light mono , S.O.S by Leland Lures . The 6lb size is limp and thin but breaks at well over 6 . Probably 12 or better .
Posted by: SWMPYNKE

Re: Carp questions - 06/18/20 11:45 PM

All good info, I would add to use circle hooks size 6 and hookset immediately smoothly and many times they will hook themselves. A word of caution- check your drag, not too stiff, and hold your pole, once they realize they are hooked, they turn into nuclear-powered submarines. Many a rod and reel are in davy jones locker sent by a vengeful scaled torpedo. You may be out to hook a carp but find yourself hooked by them.They are simple and fun.Spawning generally slows the bite but not completely.Have fun and report back if you don't mind.
Posted by: MikeV

Re: Carp questions - 06/19/20 10:57 AM

Thanks for all the advice. I am planning on going tomorrow. My concern is that I have enough water to get well past the Northern mouth of the Farmington. I will mix it up and fish for smallies and switch over to carp. I will post results.

Posted by: fishy1

Re: Carp questions - 06/19/20 11:54 AM

Many years ago I saw carp jumping out of the water below the railroad bridge in Saybrook.