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#997021 - 09/19/08 11:55 AM Highland Lake fish kill
Jon Pski Offline


Registered: 04/15/02
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Please refer to the following thread:

It appears the lake is suffering from hypoxia. There is virtually no vegetation left in the lake to re supply it with O2. I know that there is some absorption through surface interaction but apparently its not enough.

This nonesense of chemical erradication of aquatic vegetation needs to stop. When will Fisheries try to stop the permit process to protect our resources?
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#997350 - 09/20/08 10:52 AM Re: Highland Lake fish kill [Re: Jon Pski]
MikeG Offline


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Public lakes are just that PUBLIC !!! They do not belong to some home owners association formed by the lake front homeowners !!!!

The public needs to have more say in how public lakes are taken care of,should not be left upto some lake front home owners association !!!

As a tax paying citizen of CT I want to have a say in what people dump into public waters.

Highland lake is in a sad state right now and I blame weed erradication for all the problems !!!!!
#997365 - 09/20/08 12:30 PM Re: Highland Lake fish kill [Re: MikeG]


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This is tragic, such a wonderful place, burned by chem weed
removel. Very sad.

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