Archery Turkey

Posted by: Tall 1

Archery Turkey - 05/07/21 11:21 AM

Ive been hunting almost every morning this season, and while it has been fun and at times, very exciting, I had not yet filled a tag.
Close more times than I can remember, this has been a grinder. That 3:45 alarm gets harder and harder to leave the bed as the days go on.
Today I went to a small woodlot owned by a friend and brought my archery gear.
At 5:10 this bird began gobbling at the moon and some other birds responded back at him from across the street.
I gave him a few soft, sleepy, tree yelps to let him know I was around and got prepared.
He went silent on me, which can mean hes coming, or hes leaving.
10 minutes went by and no sign of the Tom.
I heard some leaves rustle behind my blind and then the unmistakable sound of him popping open his fan like an umbrella.
Suddenly he strutted past the blind at 10 steps, completely committed to my decoys.
He went to the Jake and strutted in his face.
I drew back and put my pin at the base of his fan, right on his butt, and touched the release.
He attempted to fly but dropped within 20 yards and he was done.
Hes a nice bird, weighing in at 21 lbs and sporting a 9 beard and almost 1 Spurs.
Im very thankful to harvest him.
Keep grinding everybody, good things come to those who work harder.

Posted by: hookee

Re: Archery Turkey - 05/07/21 11:54 AM

Fantastic !!!

Such a great story and bird!!!
Love how the hard work pays off !!
Posted by: f250

Re: Archery Turkey - 05/07/21 12:24 PM

Nice job there Jon. Now that it gets light so much early tough to get up and be out there before sunrise.
Posted by: tracker980

Re: Archery Turkey - 05/07/21 12:33 PM

Awesome job!! Really nice bird! Nice job sticking with it and putting one down.
Posted by: OldSchool

Re: Archery Turkey - 05/07/21 12:40 PM

Very nice!

I have not heard a gobbler since day two but you never know when they might light up again.

Good job
Posted by: Iuse2fish

Re: Archery Turkey - 05/07/21 01:48 PM

Congratulations. That is my goal to take one with the bow. Now I know where to aim. Thank you.

Posted by: Tod Osier

Re: Archery Turkey - 05/07/21 01:54 PM

That is great to see, way to keep grinding away. Just have to keep grinding sometimes!
Posted by: Greg S.

Re: Archery Turkey - 05/07/21 03:53 PM

Congratulations my friend. That loong walk to the blind is a killer!
Posted by: Jimbo

Re: Archery Turkey - 05/07/21 05:15 PM

Awesome, congrats!,
Posted by: air leak

Re: Archery Turkey - 05/07/21 07:02 PM

Congratulations Jon! Nice bird!

Excellent job with the bow!
Posted by: Jim Curto

Re: Archery Turkey - 05/07/21 07:12 PM

That's simply hardcore, haven't taken a Gobbler with the bow in many years...
Posted by: poppi57

Re: Archery Turkey - 05/07/21 09:02 PM

Nice bird Jon, grinding is not fun but it pays off eventually.
Harder and harder to get up before 4:00 a.m.
Posted by: Don P

Re: Archery Turkey - 05/08/21 08:07 AM

Great hunt Jon! Congrats!
Posted by: Maritime11

Re: Archery Turkey - 05/08/21 08:31 AM

Congrats, nice bird!
Posted by: Mitch P.

Re: Archery Turkey - 05/08/21 09:36 AM

Nice, Jon! beerchug
Posted by: Don D

Re: Archery Turkey - 05/08/21 12:24 PM

You are a master hunter. Congrats on a great hunt.
Posted by: SWMPYNKE

Re: Archery Turkey - 05/08/21 02:42 PM

Any bird is an accomplishment but a bow bird is the best!!
Posted by: Zolts

Re: Archery Turkey - 05/08/21 10:20 PM

Awesome bird Jon, and with the bow to boot. That's next level stuff, not many can pull it off.
Posted by: Doormat

Re: Archery Turkey - 05/09/21 08:24 AM

Nice one! Congrats on a great hunt
Posted by: swwind

Re: Archery Turkey - 05/09/21 02:22 PM

Very nicely done Jon !

Great hunt.
Posted by: Buck

Re: Archery Turkey - 05/10/21 09:49 AM

That is a super hunt. A turkey with a bow at close range is one of the toughest things to do. That is a terrific accomplishment.
Posted by: fishstu

Re: Archery Turkey - 05/10/21 11:07 AM

LOL 3:45 alarm - its does become a grind - Contgrats on the hard earned bird