Brimfield Reservoir Intel

Posted by: MikeV

Brimfield Reservoir Intel - 06/29/20 04:38 PM

I live in Tolland and was thinking of venturing a little further from town for a better fishing experience. Lately Middle and Lower Bolton are extremely crowded as is Coventry. Mansfield is a mass of weeds. Crystal can be OK but it is tough to launch and return solo with the parking being far away. I was considering hitting the Brimfield Reservoir which looks good on paper for large mouth with the bonus of Northern Pike and Tiger Muskies.

Anybody fish up there recently? How was it?


Posted by: Tall 1

Re: Brimfield Reservoir Intel - 06/29/20 06:23 PM

The Berkshires has several great ponds and smaller lakes. Littleville is a clear trout lake that has a great lmb population or stay in CT and hit CWood.
Posted by: Barn1

Re: Brimfield Reservoir Intel - 06/30/20 09:17 AM

Brimfield gets a lot of pressure also. Go during the week if you can. Looks good but I've never done great there.
Posted by: arlow

Re: Brimfield Reservoir Intel - 07/06/20 01:04 PM

Brimfield used to be a super lake 20 years ago. It got pretty bad for a while and I think it is on its way back now. I have been there 2 times this year. Once before the spawn and once after. Both times on a friday. I would avoid it on the weekend. I caught limits both times I went but nothing over 2 lbs. Had a tourney there 2 years ago at the tail end of the spawn. Did very well prefishing with 3 fish over 5 lbs. Tourney day most of the fish were off the beds but I found a great buzzbait bite and ended up with 16 lbs and a lunker of 4.78 lbs. Be very carefull on the south side. Lots of shallow flats with stumps so go slow.

Lots of pickeral, some big ones, but I have never caught a pike in there.
Posted by: MikeV

Re: Brimfield Reservoir Intel - 07/06/20 04:17 PM


Thanks for the details. I am in Tolland less than half an hour away. I will give it a shot on a weekday/vacation day later this year. I will post results.