lost ice spud


lost ice spud - 01/05/21 07:30 AM

A guy from CT Ice Shanty site lost his spud at Winchester over the past weekend. If you have it or know who does- please let me know so I can let him know.
Posted by: Don P

Re: lost ice spud - 01/05/21 08:35 AM

Is it at the bottom of the lake when he spudded into 1 of ice???

Lost spud bar.....who would have thought?!.......5-6 long, weighs about 20-30#s. How do you lose or misplace that? He just walked away without remembering to put it back in his sled???

Re: lost ice spud - 01/05/21 09:06 AM

I do not know anymore than he put out on his post.I thought I would give him an assist on getting it back.
He left it in the parking lot, not on the ice as far as I know.
I read that the place was mobbed over the weekend so it is likely long gone.
Posted by: Don P

Re: lost ice spud - 01/05/21 09:09 AM

Any ice condition reports from Winchester?....whole lake or select areas? Thanks
Posted by: EdKras

Re: lost ice spud - 01/05/21 12:52 PM

if it's the same guy who posted on the CT ice fishing Facebook group, he said he left it on the ground at the launch.
Posted by: O-BASS

Re: lost ice spud - 01/07/21 09:51 AM

I happened to be in the area today so I searched the entire boat launch and parking lot, but unfortunately I did not find the Spud.

Re: lost ice spud - 01/08/21 05:40 AM

thanks Mike.

I do not know the person but thought I would help him. I knew it was a long shot at best.