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CTF Swap Meet: Mar. 24

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#1728541 - 10/22/17 07:17 PM Results PIKETOBERFEST XVI 2017
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P.Donna at one time

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PIKETOBERFEST Lillinonah, 2017

Bluebird skis with temps over 70 degrees! Water temp hovering 65 degrees in late October was not ideal Esox conditions, but 22 hardcore pike slayers went at it. Only 2 pike caught
1ST PLACE Cwood man- 35.25" Northern Pike
2ND PLACE Mitch P - 32.5" Northern Pike
3RD PLACE KeyWestGlenn - We had to raffle off 3rd place.

Notables - After trophies we raffles off the remaining money $120.00 split into 2 tickets
Barcrosser - $60.00
PDona - $60.00
HUGE thanks for Trevor for holding up the banner! : )

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Hug your mom more ! !

Paul Dona

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#1728551 - 10/22/17 08:59 PM Re: Results PIKETOBERFEST XVI 2017 [Re: PDona]
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Congrats CWood Man and Mitch and Glenn! Good to see all you guys again and great to meet some of you for the first time,picnic food was excellent.

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For tho' from out our bourne of Time and Place
The flood may bear me far,
I hope to see my Pilot face to face
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#1728566 - 10/23/17 07:48 AM Re: Results PIKETOBERFEST XVI 2017 [Re: PDona]
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Well we tried, but no luck for us. Beautiful day with great company and awesome picnic afterwards. Congrats to Cwood, Mitch and Glenn. It was nice meeting a bunch of new people and seeing a few old friends, great chili, rabbit stew and pasta salad. Looking forward to next year.
Oh here are some nice photos I caught LOL

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#1728570 - 10/23/17 08:19 AM Re: Results PIKETOBERFEST XVI 2017 [Re: PDona]


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Two Pike...............oh Boy..............

Congrats to the winners who where Mitch, Chris and Glenn. cha

I was watching my Daughter opening her bridal shower gifts, and no chit I really did this.
I raised my Glass and toasted to the beautiful sky and said, "Please let them Catch Pike"

Glad you caught 2............ Post up the Pictures cha

Send me a message if you want to try the W500,W700 and soon the S4.

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#1728576 - 10/23/17 08:43 AM Re: Results PIKETOBERFEST XVI 2017 [Re: PDona]
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..the only reason I posted this smalljaw,he engulfed a 5" bluegill ,spine hooked on a 30lb. test mono leader,massive j hook.wtf,

...still waiting on my 3rd eye to grow from eating a fishinbum Chernobyl dog.looked like toxic waste,tasted awsome,Cooked to perfection.

...and again,me and PD redheaded stepchild,next year,Paul wins.Congrats to cwood.beast of a fish,...site fishing,amazing.closest we got was a follow on the wenches Berkley gulp saltwater 8"white grub.

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#1728585 - 10/23/17 10:53 AM Re: Results PIKETOBERFEST XVI 2017 [Re: PDona]
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Stop Bitchin' And Get Fishin'!

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What a gorgeous day! The pike bite wasn't great but we got one, and within casting range of the ramp!!!! LOL Thanks to Paul for heading this and for Mitch to keep it going. We got two bass as well but stuck to just pike baits. Food was great and the conversation afterwards priceless as always! Glad we had the morning Fireball to keep warm!

Was nice to have a 15 minute ride home for once!!!!!!!!

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#1728591 - 10/23/17 11:42 AM Re: Results PIKETOBERFEST XVI 2017 [Re: PDona]
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Thank you again to Paul & Mitch for keeping the tradition going long enough for me to finally make it!
#1728601 - 10/23/17 12:59 PM Re: Results PIKETOBERFEST XVI 2017 [Re: CWood Man]
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Sweet eek2 - congrats to all. Lots like a nice event

Originally Posted By: CWood Man

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#1728606 - 10/23/17 01:37 PM Re: Results PIKETOBERFEST XVI 2017 [Re: PDona]
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#1728615 - 10/23/17 02:21 PM Re: Results PIKETOBERFEST XVI 2017 [Re: PDona]
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Thanx j...was I horizontal when I took those pics? Maybe..thank God I cooked the day before...we would all be in the hospital.'wood took that like a man,even after putting out a "false flag" report of a chatter bait bite.cagey old mfr.pic of a Crocked wench....who would rather swim in a dumpster of broken glass and alcohol than use a SPOON to eat spaghetti .. a impromptu survey was taken by a (mine) female of questionable (there is a substantial amount of Cherokee in there as well) Italian origin about the use of spoons when eating spaghetti...then a finger(poppy,s finger was aimed) at...you know who you are and then...your "orientation" was brought to question.pray for me,I've got another 30 + years with this crazy broad..this is most likely our last event with Mitch and co. ...we have mixed emotions,can't wait to get out of communist ct ..but going to miss all y,all terribly....family.

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