I am looking for clarification on the brood stock salmon fishing rules. The current rule is free swinging hook, no weight on line. My guess this reg. is in place to deter snagging which is common upstate NY where I often fish. I use a center pin set up which is basically a float with evenly spaced small split shot to a small barrel swivel.Tied to the barrel is the leader (approx. 4 ft.)to a single hook or fly. A long rod (13 ft) and drag free reel are used to drift this setup thru the run. My question is basically, can this style of fishing be used to target atlantics? Other thoughts on this regulation are a person who ties flies can load up the hook with wraps of lead then tie a nymph body over the lead creating a weighted hook. Fly casters often use sinking line and or add sinking tips to their fly line. Is this considered additional weight added to the line?
Center pin fishing is very popular out West, in Michigan, Pa and NY. I have heard that some guys are using them here on the Farmington river for trout.
How does an individual get this type of information and questions to the people who make the regulations?