CT EnCon Police
Eastern District Highlights
May 2019

Public Safety Responses
On May 20th, 2019 in the late afternoon, Officer Scatena and Sgt. Ulkus (along with Park Manager Quinn and others) responded to Mashomoquet Brook State Park / Wolf Den HQ, Pomfret, for a reported structure fire. Upon arrival, local fire departments were extinguishing a fire at the 4-story park storage barn, which witnesses had seen on fire and called 9-1-1. The building contained many park maintenance items and equipment, including mowers, power tools, and a Kubota tractor, and some EnCon Police ATVs and associated equipment, much of which was damaged or destroyed by the fire and its aftermath. The State Police Fire Marshal unit responded that night; EnCon Police maintained a 24 hour security detail for two days until the state investigators completed their work. Initial findings and witness statements indicate a lightning strike as a probable cause; the final fire marshal’s report is pending.
Officers Curran, Flis and Williams responded to Babcock Wildlife Management Area, Colchester, along with Colchester and Troop K officers on May 25th, 2019 on a report of a 29 year old male resident who texted his sister that he was suicidal. Following a brief search of the area and after locating his vehicle, the subject was determined to be safe at his nearby residence and was evaluated by Colchester Police.
On 5/26/19 Officer Ruggiero, Sgt. Ulkus and K9 Sgt. Logiodice responded to Cockaponset State Forest in Durham for a 65 year old female who called State Police stating she and her two dogs were lost somewhere on the Blue Trail system. Following several hours of tracking, the female and animals made it to a local road where they were reunited with friends.
Later that night of 5/26/19, Officers Ruggiero, Vroman, Williams and Sgt. Ulkus responded to the Salmon River in the vicinity of the Leesville Dam, East Haddam / East Hampton, on a report of a 15 year old female who was tubing in the river, became separated from friends and had not been seen for some time. While searching the river and State Forest areas, a vessel was brought to the area as well when Officer Ruggiero located the subject walking a local road. She was uninjured and was soon reunited with her party.
On the evening of 5/30/19 Officers Blackwell, Erickson, Flis, Heath, Sergeants Chemacki, Dwyer, K9 Sgt. Logiodice and Captain Williams responded to Chatfield Hollow State Park, Killingworth, upon a Madison Police / State Police report of a despondent 34 year old male who had an argument with his mother and indicated he would attempt suicide somewhere in or near the park; cell phone contacts showed him to be in the vicinity of the north end of Chatfield. Officers blanketed the entire park and adjacent areas of Cockaponset State Forest and Connecticut Water Company property with no contact, despite Sgt. Dwyer talking directly with the subject several times by phone. After saturating the area with no results, and in consultation with Madison Police it was determined the subject was not trying to harm himself as much as engage police and public safety resources for notoriety, and the search was suspended in the early morning darkness. He was located unharmed several hours later and was transported to a local hospital for evaluation.

Warrant Arrest
On May 4th, 2019, Sergeant Ulkus had responded to Mansfield Hollow State Park, Mansfield, when he found three dogs running through a group of people unleashed. He soon found the owner of the three animals who admitted to letting them roam off-leash, and when he ran the subject’s identification found the subject had an active arrest warrant with a cash bond for five (5) other canine violations from State Police Troop C, Tolland. Sgt. Ulkus issued the 57 year old male a violation for letting the dogs run off-leash, took him into custody on the warrant, and transferred him to State Police for processing on their warrant. The canines were turned over to a relative.

Parks / Recreation Enforcement
On May 4th, Officer Scatena responded to Mansfield Hollow State Park, Mansfield, for a reported dog bite. The complainant stated she had approached a large mastiff that was off-leash with its owner, felt a tug on her pants, then called to the male owner who was leaving the area but didn’t make contact with him. She determined no skin had been broken but was told to seek medical assistance. The dog and owner were identified by Officer Scatena with assistance of the local Animal Control Officer (ACO); a ticket was issued for the violation and the animal was quarantined by the ACO.
Officer Williams responded to Hopeville Pond State Park campgrounds on 5/10/19 for a complaint of a 61 year old male who left his unregistered camper trailer on a site for several nights and had not paid for the campsite, and was consistently absent from the camper and campground. The subject was eventually located nearby, paid his campsite fees, was cited for the unregistered camper and evicted from the campground.
On May 18, 2019, Officers Danielson and Waite responded to the Glastonbury shooting range / Meshomasic State Forest for a report of an abandoned Honda Accord on a hiking trail deep in the woods. The 29 year old registered vehicle owner was eventually located, stating he had followed his GPS down the road and got stuck the night before (past a barricade). The unregistered vehicle was later removed, with some difficulty, and the owner cited for this violation, trespass, and illegal use of trails.

CT EnCon Police
Marine District Highlights
May 2019

Fishing Enforcement
On 5/2/19 Officer Hey was patrolling the Housatonic River in Milford and observed two individuals fishing in the vicinity of Caswell Cove. Officer Hey saw both individuals catch and keep several small striped bass and throw them into the rocks along the shoreline area. Officer Hey along with the assistance of Officer Mihalyak then observed the individuals for several minutes catch and keep several more small striped bass. The Officers approached the individuals and asked them for a valid fishing license and if they had caught any fish. Both individuals claimed they caught one striped bass. Officer Hey asked both if they had hid any fish within the rocks along the shoreline to which each stated “no”. Officer Hey then found two plastic bags each of which contained several undersized striped bass. CT striped bass regulations are 1 fish per day at 28 inches or greater. Each were issued a Misdemeanor Summons and charged with 5 counts of undersized striped bass and 4 counts of over the daily limit. All fish were seized and donated.
On 5/4/19 Officer Nivolo responded to Long Island Sound in West Haven in the vicinity of the Bird Sanctuary for a complaint of several individuals taking undersized striped bass. Officer Nivolo observed five individuals matching the description given as they were walking back to their vehicles. Two of the individuals were holding a five gallon bucket each containing several small striped bass. As a result one of the individuals was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for 5 counts of undersized striped bass and 4 counts of over the daily bag limit. The other individual was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for 2 counts of undersized striped bass and 1 count for over the daily limit.
On 5/4/19 Officer Flis was patrolling Long Island Sound in the area of Niantic/East Lyme and observed two individuals fishing from a vessel that had no current revision decal affixed to either side of the registration numbers. Officer Flis ran a DMV query and found that the registration expired 4/30/2018. The individual also did not have a current fishing license nor did his acquaintance. The individual was issued an infraction for fishing without a license an operation of an unregistered vessel.
On 5/9/19 Officer Hey received a complaint of an individual keeping undersized striped bass at Calf pasture Beach in Norwalk. Officer Hey observed said individual fishing with two small children when he saw the individual catch four undersized striped bass. Officer Hey then noticed the individual take off his hooded sweatshirt and put all four striped bass in the shirt, roll it up and attached said sweatshirt onto one of his children’s back. All three individuals then got on bicycles and began to exit the park. Officer Hey was able to stop the group and seized the fish. The individual was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for 4 counts of undersized striped bass and 3 counts for over the daily limit.
On 5/19/19 Officer Tefft was patrolling the Dock Rd boat launch in Waterford and observed an individual fishing. Officer Tefft checked the individual for a valid fishing license and his catch. The individual had a current fishing license but upon further inspection Officer Tefft located an undersized Tautog that measured 12 inches. Tautog are required to be a minimum length of 16 inches and in addition the season is closed. The individual was issued an infraction for keeping a Tautog below the minimum length limit and warned for fishing out of season.
Wildlife Enforcement
On 5/9/19 Officers Blackwell and Dota received a complaint of a Killdeer nest which contained 4 destroyed eggs in Bauer Park, a community garden in the town of Madison. Killdeer are protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act which states that any disturbance of said nest could result in Federal prosecution. An individual who has a garden plot within the park had put up a sign to inform others that there was a Killdeer nest within the area. Two people filed complaints against the individual who owned the plot within the Killdeer nest containing eggs, this after they noticed the nest was gone. The complainants confronted the accused who admitted he destroyed the nest. Officer Blackwell and Officer Dota made contact with the accused who related he was advised by Audubon and the town of Madison (Recreation Dep.) to move the nest if the eggs did not hatch. Further investigation revealed that the accused lied to the town and Audubon, stating that the nest was that of a Mockingbird. It should be noted that Mockingbirds do not nest on the ground. The individual was issued an infraction for Disturbing the Nest of a Wild Bird. The USFW Service was also contacted and advised of the situation.
On 5/10/19 Officer Blackwell was dispatched to a residence in Clinton for a report of a Yellow Crowned Night Heron nest that was destroyed by a landscaping company. Yellow Crowned Night Herons are protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act and disturbing a nest of such bird is a federal and state crime. Officer Blackwell spoke to the employees of the landscape company who related they were called to the residence to remove a tree branch that had a bird nest on it of which the homeowner complained that the birds were defecating on her driveway. The employees stated they observed the nest and cut the tree branch down of which the nest was on. The employees stated they did not know what kind of birds were in the nest. The company was issued an infraction for Disturbing the Nest of a Wild Bird.
Vessel Enforcement
On 5/11/19 Officer Flis was patrolling the Niantic River Boat launch and observed an individual paddling a Kayak without wearing a required (PFD) Personal Flotation Device). Between Oct. 1 and May 31 annually it is required for all persons operating manually propelled vessel to wear a PFD. The individual was issued a written warning for the violation and his voyage was terminated.
On 5/25/19 EnCon Officers were on a vessel patrol of the CT River enforcing the No Wake Zone area between the railroad bridge and the Baldwin Bridge when they observed an individual operating a 23 foot vessel come out of Between the Bridges Marina at full speed heading south towards the railroad bridge, leaving a large wake. This area has multiple marinas and docks and of which hundreds of boats utilize slips for dockage. There are constant complaints in this area of excessive speed and large wakes that cause damage to vessels as a result. The operator was stopped and cited for violating the wake zone regulation for the Connecticut River. The area is visibly posted at both ends of the zone.
CT EnCon Police
Western District Highlights
May 2019

Nuisance Bear
During the month of May, Western District Officers were dispatched and responded to 17 Nuisance Bear complaints. Complaints included bears which had attacked livestock, canines and had entered residences.

Boating Enforcement

On 5/13/19, at approximately 1135 hours, Southwest Officers were called to a single motor vessel collision into Vaughn's Neck in the area of Orchard Point, New Fairfield on Candlewood Lake. The vessel sustained heavy damage to the bow. The single operator was initially brought to shore by a Good Samaritan. The operator then reentered the water and attempted to swim back to his vessel. The operator was rescued by two other good Samaritans and brought to shore again. The operator was transported to Danbury Hospital where he was admitted for non-life threatening injuries. The collision is still under investigation.
Public Safety

On 5/26/19, Northwest Officers responded to a complaint of an intoxicated female at Black Rock State Park. Upon arrival at Black Rock the officers attempted to make contact with the individual, who refused to cooperate and drove away. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle, which refused to stop and engaged the officers in pursuit. The vehicle was finally stopped with the assistance of the Connecticut State Police on Route 8. The operator, who was uncooperative, also had a juvenile passenger in the vehicle. The operator was charged with Risk of Injury to a Minor, Driving Under the Influence, Engaging in Pursuit, Interfering with Police, and Operating an Unregistered Motor Vehicle. The Operator was transported to Waterbury Hospital for self-inflicted injuries and was released on bond.
Search and Rescue
On 5/27/19 Southwest Officers responded to a complaint of a missing swimmer in the area of Dikes Point Park in New Milford. The 18 year old male victim was last seen swimming towards shore from Rock Island in New Milford. Officers assisted New Milford PD with the search and rescue efforts, providing a search vessel for 3 days until 5/29/19 when he was located and recovered by the Newtown Underwater Search and Rescue Dive Team.
On 5/30/19 Southwest Officers responded to the complaint of a missing camper in Naugatuck State Forest. The male had left the campsite 4 hours earlier with their vehicle keys and had not returned. The Connecticut State Police Troop I K9 responded as well to assist. The male was eventually located in a residential neighborhood by Oxford Police, after becoming lost.

Sick, Injured and Nuisance Wildlife
During the month of May, Western District Officers were dispatched and responded to 26 calls for sick, nuisance or injured wildlife. Some incidents involved deer, osprey, bear, red-tail hawks, woodchuck and opossum.