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#797338 - 04/10/07 01:17 PM And the winner is....
Mitch P. Offline

Registered: 05/04/01
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The winning photo is Winter Wonderland on the Salmon River, NY. By Fishin Finatic.

Fishin Finatic wins a $100 CT Outfitters Gift Certificate and a Daiwa Exceler spinning reel.

To view all of the finalist photos, check out this page:

For more of Fishin Finatic's pics from the Salmon River, see his post here:

There were some really great photos this year! It was a tough call to pick the winner. Thanks to everyone who submitted a photo.

Thanks to Tackleman for coming up with this annunal contest and helping judge. Also thanks to Capt. Blaine Anderson and CT Outfitters for the $100 gift certificate and judging help. Also thanks to Capt. Eric Matland for the Daiwa Exceler reel and judging help.
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#797339 - 04/10/07 01:20 PM Re: And the winner is....

Congrats! Great "beyond addicted...just plain sick!" pic!
#797340 - 04/10/07 02:23 PM Re: And the winner is....
DEN Offline


Registered: 08/10/03
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Loc: Newington
WTG Fishin Finatic

It's a great photo, You’d have no problem selling that to a photo agency. ;\)
#797341 - 04/10/07 04:25 PM Re: And the winner is....
Tackleman Offline


Registered: 07/22/02
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Loc: Suffield/Niantic, CT
Thanks to everyone who participated and congrats to the winners.

I'm gonna try my best to put together a CTF calendar for 2008 with some of the great pictures from this site.

The many beautiful and inspiring photos from the members of the site make CTF a very special place indeed.

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#797342 - 04/10/07 06:06 PM Re: And the winner is....
FindBass Offline

Registered: 08/06/03
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Loc: North Haven
Wow really some great photos there!
CTF members stepping it up. Congrats to the winner nice choice guys.
#797343 - 04/10/07 06:25 PM Re: And the winner is....
Chris Offline

Registered: 01/01/05
Posts: 5547
Loc: Meriden
That's the first time I've seen that photo.
Missed it somehow. I agree the best photo.
He should be the CTF poster boy.
Beyond addicted just plain sick.
#797344 - 04/10/07 07:45 PM Re: And the winner is....
StriperLou Offline

Registered: 08/13/06
Posts: 22
hey thats me!!!!!!!
#797345 - 04/10/07 08:43 PM Re: And the winner is....


Registered: 02/15/06
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Way to go . I though that picture was real cool the first time I saw it . I was also surprized to see that one of my photos made the finalist round . A great job done to all . I also think a calendar with CTF photos would be a cool idea

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#797346 - 04/11/07 10:10 AM Re: And the winner is....
MikeG Offline


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#797347 - 04/11/07 10:39 AM Re: And the winner is....


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Good Choice.
Now Thats Hard Core Fishing!!!!

Send me a message if you want to try the W500,W700 and soon the S4.

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