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#1775904 - 12/12/19 01:13 PM November 2019 Highlights
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CT EnCon Police
Eastern District Highlights
November 2019

Public Safety /Search and Rescue Incidents
On 11/20/19, opening day of the firearms deer season, Officers Danielson, Curran and Captain Lundin responded to private property in Scotland for a reported hunter injured while hunting from a tree stand. The 48 year old male was located by friends hanging from his tree stand after it failed; he had been there over two hours, had lost his phone and was recovered by local fire personnel who had to cut a path out of the woods in the dark to get him to an ambulance. The victim suffered minor injuries, primarily hypothermia. EnCon Police continue to investigate.
On the afternoon of 11/22/19 State Police issued a request for EnCon Police to check all DEEP properties for a probable suicidal male from Stafford. Officers Bouthillier, Carlson, Pettus, Vroman, Sergeant Johnston and Captain Lundin covered numerous state parks, forests and DEEP properties, concentrating on Shenipsit State Forest in Stafford where the subject’s cell phone was determined to be. The subject was safely located several hours later, safe, by State Police while he was driving. After clearing this incident, Sergeant Johnston and Captain Lundin were first on scene in Tolland at a single vehicle versus tree accident involving a 44 year old mother complaining of chest pain, and her 4 year old daughter who was thrown from a rear car seat in the vehicle. Officers assisted fire, EMS and State Police until both victims were transported to a local hospital for evaluation.
On 11/26/19 Eastern District officers, Sergeant Johnston, and EnCon Police K9 officers responded to a South Windsor Police report of a van at the end of a road with a gun case visible which had not moved for nearly a week. A concerted search of adjacent woods and fields was completed while EnCon Police and South Windsor followed other leads; the 63 year old male subject was located safe, had valid permission to hunt the area, and was found to have returned there on a daily basis.
In the afternoon of November 30th, 2019, Officers Carlson, Heath, Landry, Sergeant Johnston and Captain Lundin responded to a reported unconscious male found lying on a trail in Bolton Notch State Park, Bolton, guarded by a leashed dog. CPR was initiated by first responders, but the 49 year old male was pronounced dead at Manchester Hospital shortly afterward. Notifications were made to next of kin; EnCon Police continue to investigate this apparent untimely medical death.

Recreational Enforcement / Domestic Violence Arrest
On the afternoon of 11/2/2019 Officers Landry, J. Williams, Wojcik, SCO Flanagan and Sergeant Johnston brought district ATVs to Wopowog Wildlife Management Area (WMA), East Hampton (on the Salmon River) after notification via email of a probable large ATV / overnight camping party scheduled to take place there. Four individuals with ATVs were found, and citations were issued for illegal camping and ATV use on a WMA. All were evicted, and no further violations occurred that weekend.
On November 5, 2019, Officer Waite was on patrol at Gardner Lake Boat Launch, Salem, and observed a silver Mazda vehicle enter the launch at a high rate of speed and skid in the wet conditions. Upon stopping the vehicle, the registration came back on a white Jeep Cherokee. The 51 year old male operator was arrested for illegal use of license plates, operating without registration, and travelling fast for conditions; the vehicle was towed, and he was released on a promise to appear in Norwich court.
Late on the evening of November 23rd, EnCon Police Dispatch was notified by Middletown Police of a probable domestic violence incident that occurred in the parking lot of Wadsworth Falls State Park. Officers were advised that the male party was at Middlesex Hospital and the female complainant was at Middletown Police headquarters. Officers Hey, Kerr and Sergeant Johnston responded and determined the recently separated 21 year old male husband found his 21 year old wife’s vehicle parked at Wadsworth, and when she entered driving another vehicle he approached it and broke the driver’s window, cutting his wife with broken glass. He then hung on to the vehicle as the wife tried to leave, receiving minor injuries; she called 911 and he was stopped and cited by Middletown Police for reckless driving then taken to the hospital, where he was arrested by EnCon Police upon his release. He was charged with Assault 2nd degree, Breach of Peace 2nd degree, Criminal Mischief 2nd degree, and Park Hour’s violation. He was held on a $50,000 cash bond which he could not post. He was held at Hartford Correctional Center over the weekend for a Monday Middletown court arraignment.

Hunting Enforcement
On November 12th 2019, Sergeant Ulkus received credible, substantiated information that a 64 year old male from Stafford had taken two antlered deer (one 10 point buck and one 11 point buck) between 11/9 and 11/11 on his land. During this timeframe the only legal firearm hunting season was for landowners, which permits taking one either sex deer and one antlerless deer. Following various database checks and locating the actual two deer skulls, antlers and capes in question at a taxidermy shop, Sergeant Ulkus confronted the subject who later admitted that he had taken both antlered deer on his property, but reported one of them as being taken by a female at another location, under her landowner antlered deer permit, and forging the deer kill report as though she had taken the deer. He was issued a summons for exceeding the deer limit authorized by his permit as well as making a false statement in reporting the deer kill. Hee was released on a promise to appear in Rockville court. The two deer capes and heads were seized as evidence.
On 11/21/19, Officer Pettus was conducting compliance checks on the second day of the firearms deer season on a road adjacent to Meshomasic State Forest, Glastonbury, when a 60 year old male stated he had taken a deer early on opening day (over 24 hours prior), but admitted he never reported it but had already butchered and packaged the deer the day before. He was cited for failure to report his deer kill within 24 hours and released on a promise to appear in court. At the same time a 73 year old male emerged from the woods, looked toward Officer Pettus, and then unloaded four shotgun shells from his loaded weapon. He was found to have been 186 feet from an occupied residential building (minimum safe requirement is 500 feet), and his gun was not plugged to hold only 3 shells as required for deer hunting. He was arrested for these violations and is pending a court appearance.
On November 22, 2019 Officer Vroman checked two hunters in Chaplin, and issued a warning to a 42 year old male (who produced a license indicating Connecticut residency) for taking a deer without completing the harvest tag. Later that day Officer Vroman noted, by routine computer checks, that the subject appeared to be a New York resident who had purchased Connecticut permits and a license. He met the subject again and confirmed by written statement he indeed was a New York resident who had been purchasing CT licenses / permits for more than one year. He was issued a summons for hunting deer without a valid permit, false statement / permit, and failure to tag deer. He was released on a $200 cash bond pending court appearance. The deer was seized and donated to Hunters for the Hungry.
On November 27, 2019 Officer Pettus responded to a complaint of a hunter parked and trespassing on private property in Yale Forest, Ashford. Nearly twenty minutes after sunset a 66 year old male from Massachusetts returned to the vehicle, walking down a public road with his loaded shotgun. He stated he was hunting on Yale Forest property, but realized he was parked on private property, and admitted to remaining loaded after hunting hours and on a public highway. He was arrested for these violations and released on a $500 cash bond pending appearance in Danielson court.

Fallen Officer Memorial
On the afternoon of November 20th, 2019, EnCon Police officers, staff, managers, retired officers and family members gathered in West Hartford at the gravesite of Conservation Officer James V. Spignesi, who lost his life in the line of duty in a field in Scotland, Connecticut on November 20th, 1998. The Environmental Conservation Police Honor Guard placed a wreath at the site, and all observed a moment of silence. His life and service were remembered and honored. In addition, the service of current EnCon Police officers, and the legacy his family, friends and co-workers continue to honor him through the work of the James V. Spignesi Memorial Scholarship Foundation.

CT EnCon Police
Marine District Highlights
November 2019

Recreational Enforcement

On 11/2/19 Officer Kerr was patrolling Seaside State Park in Waterford. On three separate occasions Officer Kerr encountered individuals in possession of undersized Tautog. The legal minimum length limit for tautog is 16 inches. One individual was checked in the parking lot and asked if he had caught any fish for the day of which the individual responded “no”. The individual was very nervous and tried to hide a backpack in the trunk of his vehicle. When asked if he had any fish in the backpack, the individual stated “no” again and tried to hide it in a larger cooler. Officer Kerr demanded to see the contents of the backpack to which the individual then complied. Inside the backpack was a white plastic bag containing two undersized tautog measuring each 14.25 inches. All three individuals were issued infractions for illegal possession.

On 11/2/19 Officer Blackwell was patrolling Long Island Sound in Westbrook and observed two individuals fishing in a vessel on the Menunketesuck River. Contact was made and the individuals aboard the vessel were each in possession of undersized tautog measuring 15.25 inches. Each were issued infractions for the violations.

On 11/2/19 Officer Blackwell observed a male fishing on the Patchogue River in Westbrook filleting tautog at the Pier 76 Marina. There were 5 fish in total, 4 of which measured between 14 and 15 inches. It was also determined that one of the individuals failed to have a current and valid fishing license. The individual was issued an infraction for both violations, the fish were seized and donated to A Place Called Hope.

On 11/2/19 Officer Erickson was patrolling in Westbrook and observed a vessel docking at Harry’s Marine. Officer Erickson conducted a vessel safety inspection and fishing compliance check, and determined that the vessel operator was in possession of an undersized tautog. He also failed to have his vessel registered. He was issued an infraction for both violations.

On 11/2/19 Officer Kerr received a report of an individual in possession of an undersized striped bass on Osprey Road in East Lyme. Upon arrival Officer Kerr witnessed the individual walking down the road with a fishing pole in hand and a black plastic garbage bag. When asked if he had any fish in the bag the individual stated he had only garbage in the bag. When confronted by Officer Kerr to see what the individual had inside the bag he stated “oh, actually there is a fish in it but I found it”. Several explanations were rendered over several minutes when Officer Kerr told him that a witness was watching him the whole time and saw him catch the fish, fully describing the incident. The individual was issued a misdemeanor summons for possession of an undersized striped bass and fishing without a license.

On 11/2/19 Officer Blackwell was conducting fishing compliance checks at the Baldwin State Boat Launch in Old Saybrook and observed three individuals coming into shore in a vessel. Upon inspection it was determined that all three individuals were in possession of undersized striped bass. Each individual was issued a misdemeanor summonses for the violations.

On 11/3/2019 Officers Mazzotta and Dota were patrolling Long Island Sound and approached a fisherman docking his vessel in Clinton. Upon checking the individual’s catch it was determined that he was in possession of an undersized tautog. The individual was issued an infraction for the violation. The fish were still live and returned to the water where it belonged.

On 11/3/19 Officer Flis was dispatched to Rocky Neck Sate Park for a report of two individuals keeping undersized tautog fishing from an inflatable raft. It was determined between the two individuals that they possessed 12 undersized fish. Of the 12, 10 of them were undersized. Each person was issued an infraction for possession of undersized tautog, over the daily creel limit, and fishing without a valid license.

On 11/4/2019 Sergeant Bruno, along with Officers Dota and Mazzotta, were on a vessel patrolling Long Island Sound in Clinton and observed several individuals fishing from a vessel. The vessel was boarded and a fishing compliance check was conducted. Immediately the operator of the vessel related that they had a total of 10 tautog onboard and had several small ones they claimed they were going to throw back. Four of the 10 fish measured under the legal minimum size limit of 16 inches and were returned to the water. The individual was issued an infraction for possession of undersized tautog and over the daily bag limit of 3 fish.

On the same trip, another vessel was boarded and a fishing compliance check was conducted of a single fisherman who also had an undersized tautog on board. The individual claimed he planned on returning the fish, and only practices “Catch & Release”. The individual also did not have a fishing license. He was issued an infraction for both violations.

Commercial Enforcement

On 11/4/19 Sergeant Bruno, along with Officers Dota and Mazzotta, boarded a charter vessel with four customers onboard. It was determined that there were 12 tautog onboard of which 7 of them were undersized. The charter captain took responsibility for the undersized fish and stated each fish was measured before it was decided to keep them. The captain was issued an infraction for the violations. The fish were deceased, seized, and donated to A Place Called Hope.

On 11/11/2019 Officers Tefft and Flis were patrolling Long Island Sound by vessel in Old Lyme and observed a party/charter boat with several people fishing. The vessel was boarded and a compliance check was conducted on the several individuals fishing. It should be noted the captain of the vessel related he had spoken to all of his clients advising them of the minimum size and creel limits of tautog. Three individuals were issued infractions for possession of undersized tautog and over the daily creel limit.

On 11/11/19 Sergeant Chemacki was conducting an offload of scallops from a commercial fishing vessel in Stonington under the Joint Enforcement Agreement (JEA) for the NOAA Federal Fisheries Law Enforcement. Sergeant Chemacki asked the captain for the vessel’s trip log of which identified the hail weight as 17,000 pounds, 1,000 pounds less than the allowable limited access trip catch limit. As the offload continued it was apparent that the bags of scallops were increasing their average weight from 50-52 pounds to 52-54 pounds. In total the final weight was 18,426 pounds. Taking into account the weight of each bag by itself weighs a half pound, the calculation for the total amount of bags equaled 179 pounds bringing the total weight to 18,247 pounds. Due to the entire catch being caught in federal waters, this case was referred to NOAA Federal Law Enforcement.

CT Encon Police
Western District Monthly Highlights
November 2019
On 9/10/19 North Branford PD contacted DEEP Emergency Dispatch reporting a sexual assault that occurred on Lake Housatonic, Shelton, in the summer of 2018. The victim was a juvenile female and had disclosed the sexual assault during the NBPD investigation. Officer Mihalyak worked with NBPD detectives and ultimately applied for and was issued an Arrest Warrant for the accused for Sexual Assault in the Fourth Degree, and Risk of Injury / Contact with Intimate Parts. The warrant was executed and the accused was arrested on 11/4/19.
On 11/3/19 Officer Flockhart was dispatched to a complaint of an individual hunting illegally on private property in North Canaan. Upon arrival the accused admitted to shooting a deer on property he had permission hunt but then tracked the deer onto the adjacent property where he then shot the injured deer again. Officer Flockhart’s investigation revealed that the individual ultimately shot the deer on the property he did not have permission to hunt. The accused was arrested and charged with Hunting on Private land without written permission.
On 11/09/2019 Officer Buonocore and fellow officers responded to a call in the town of Woodbury for a person requesting a Deer Kill Incident Report (DKIR) for a deer that was shot on an adjoining property, ran on to his property and died but no one came to claim. Upon arrival Officers examined the scene and followed the blood trial onto the adjoining property which led directly to a tree stand. The tree stand had a groomed trail leading directly into a backyard. Officers also located a trail cam that was overlooking a bait pile that was covered up by leaves that appeared to be recently kicked over it. Officers knocked on the door of the address the groomed trail led to. The door was answered by a male and officers asked the male if he had been hunting this morning and shot at a deer. The male stated yes. Officers explained that another hunter located his deer and further requested he show them where the deer was shot initially. The suspect presented all required licenses, permits and showed officers where the deer was claimed to be taken. The suspect claimed that he was sure that he shot the deer from the ground behind a specific tree that was approximately 30 yards west of the tree stand. The officers’ investigation determined his claims of the location were false due to the blood trail. The suspect eventually stated “OK you got me”. The accused was arrest and charged with Illegal Hunting over bait.
On 11/9/19 Officer Flockhart while patrolling in the town of Kent observed an individual hunting. The male stated he had shot a spike buck and was tracking it. He further stated that he had already shot two doe deer earlier that day. The accused was arrested and charged with Failure to tag deer and exceeding the number of deer harvested by permit (free landowner).
On 11/14/2019 Officer Kiely was dispatched to the area of Mattatuck State Forest to assist an archery hunter retrieving a deer on posted private property. While assisting the hunter in the area of Thomaston Fish and Game he observed an individual dressing an antlered deer hanging from a gambrel. Upon inspection of the deer Officer Kiely determined the individual failed to complete a harvest tag. The individual stated he thought he had 24 hours to fill out the harvest tag. An in-house check revealed the individual was arrested in 2013 for failure to tag a deer under similar circumstances. The accused was arrested and charged with Failure to tag deer.
On 11/15/19 Officer Mihalyak received a report of two people illegally hunting Town of Shelton property directly behind the complainant’s home. Officer Mihalyak and Officer Huber responded and located two individuals, with their bows nocked, illegally hunting on Town of Shelton property at Sawmill City Road. Both had permission to be on an adjacent property at Poplar Road but crossed a boundary marked with yellow paint and crossing a stream to hunt the town property. Both individuals were arrested and charged with Archery Hunting Private Land w/o Permission.
On 11/19/19 Officer Mihalyak and Officer Buonocore responded to the report of an individual illegally hunting private land without permission in Shelton. Officers Mihalyak and Buonocore arrived and located the individual in a tree stand with his crossbow nocked. The individual provided officers with written permission for an adjacent property. The individual further showed officers where he walked in from and a property line marked with red paint was observed. The individual had to cross this marked boundary to get to his tree stand. The accused was arrested and issued a Misdemeanor Summons for violations of Archery hunting Private Land w/o Permission.
On 11/23/2019 while assisting local fire departments in Hartland with a lost hunter off of Lost Acres Rd., Officer Kiely observed a separate male walking out from Forest Association towards the roadway. The male proceeded down from the woods onto and across the roadway to the parked motor vehicle. Officer Kiely approached the male and noticed the chamber to their 30-30 rifle was closed. The male verbally admitted to forgetting to unload his firearm before exiting the woods. The male was found to be in possession of a loaded weapon within 500 feet of an occupied residence and did not possess valid private land firearms deer permits. The accused was arrested and charged with Possession of a Loaded Firearm within 500 feet of a Building and Negligent Hunting 4th Degree.
On Sunday 11/24/2019 Officer Buonocore was on routine patrol of Naugatuck State Forest in the town of Naugatuck, when two males were observed walking out from the forest on Hunters Mountain Road. The males were dressed in full camo with orange safety vests and carrying shotguns. The males were approached and asked what they were hunting for today, they stated “Deer”. The males were made aware that it was Sunday and that there is not hunting allowed in the state forests on Sunday. Both men were arrested and charged with Hunting on Sunday.
On 11/30/2019 Officer Buonocore and fellow officers responded to Easton for a report of a male hunting on private property without consent. Upon arrival they located a male in a tree stand and while checking his paperwork, the consent form was not properly filled out with the required dates. Several parties reported that the land owner did not give out consent for this calendar year due to local construction. Several attempts were made to contact the land owner with negative results. The accused was arrested and charged with Hunting Private Land w/o Consent.
On 11/9/2019 while conducting a patrol check of Batterson Park Pond in New Britain Officer Kiely observed a black colored Honda Civic enter the boat launch and park. Several minutes later the operator of the Honda Civic approached Officer Kiely’s unmarked patrol vehicle asking for assistance with jump starting the engine. The operator was advised that he would contact a tow company to assist with the disabled motor vehicle. It was later determined the registration plate affixed behind the rear passenger headrest did not belong on the Honda Civic and the operator’s license was revoked. The operator was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for operating with a suspended/revoked license, Misuse Registration, Operating w/o Insurance, Unregistered Motor Vehicle, and Obscured Registration Plate.
During the month of November Western District officers were dispatched and responded to 5 Nuisance Bear complaints.
During the month of November Western District officers were dispatched and responded to 9 calls for sick, nuisance or injured wildlife. Some incidents involved deer, bobcat, Bald Eagle, fox, geese and hawks.
Officer Flockhart and K-9 Ellie were dispatched to four calls for service for missing/lost persons and one suicidal party.
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Interesting read. Lots of short blackfish caught and kept. Good thing people are checking.

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Keep up the great work and thanks for the updates
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Just a little snippet of the cheating that goes on. Unreal, interesting read and informative post.

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