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#535187 - 01/20/04 08:43 PM Re: Ice Fishing Rescue Plan
KP Offline

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When there is snow cover on ice, I carry a snow shovel. Also carry a large cup for scooping water into bait buckets or pour on ice. I like to shoot my sonar through the ice to find drop offs. Another use is to shovel snow away and then pour water, or beer in an ABSOLUTE emergency, on the remaining snow to clear the ice enough to make out an image below it. Keep in mind, most problems will occur on ice 1 1/2" to 4". 4" of weak ice is typically snowpack ice but you can still see through it to a degree. Once there is 4+" of good ice, I typically do not wear the life vest anymore, I shorten my sled rope, and out comes the power auger.

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#535188 - 01/20/04 09:40 PM Re: Ice Fishing Rescue Plan
Joe Grenus Offline


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Great topic Mitch. I know I'm unprepaired. I have ice picks and life lines and thats it. I think most of us say to ourself it won't happen to me. Especially after this recent cold spell. Everybody thinks the ice is so thick. They forget about the wind and how deep the lake is. As far as a flotation device goes I will have one with me. If I don't use it, I'll sit on it. Beats a hard bucket. Just remember nobody is invinsible. To all that read these reports please learn. I know I have learn alot more.
#535189 - 01/20/04 11:54 PM Re: Ice Fishing Rescue Plan
Rocketman Offline

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Excellent topic. I have the pics and carry a length of rope. I'm thinking about that Stearns suit. I put my cell phone in a ziploc bag, that you can dial through and keeps it dry and floating.

In the beginning there was nothing. Even that exploded.
#535190 - 01/21/04 09:48 AM Re: Ice Fishing Rescue Plan

I forgot to mention, the Stearns suit has an inflatable collar, with a coiled hose attached. Very handy!
#535191 - 01/21/04 10:22 AM Re: Ice Fishing Rescue Plan
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Geez there was a bright orange life vest in the form of a full long sleeved jacket for sale at Goodwill two weeks ago for only 6 bucks.Shoulda got it!!

Ain't this somethin'? I told my pap and mam I was coming to the mountains to trap and be a mountain man. Acted like they was gut-shot. Says, "son, make your life go here. Here's where the peoples is. Them mountains is for animals and savages." I said, "Mother Gue, the Rocky Mountains is the marrow of the world." And by God I was right.
#535192 - 01/21/04 10:29 AM Re: Ice Fishing Rescue Plan
Mitch P. Offline

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There's some great advice in here to get yourself prepared.

River Rat, your tip about putting a loop in the end of the line is a great idea. I never though of that, but will do so now. Thanks.

Originally posted by River Rat Doug:
Some cheap ice pics and a 100' length of rope with a large eye splice in the end is a great start. I say have an eye splice because hypothermia starts at the extremities. The person in the water may not be able to grab the rope, but if they can get a hand through the eyesplice and get it up to the elbow you will have a good chance of getting some leverage to pull them out.
#535193 - 01/21/04 06:15 PM Re: Ice Fishing Rescue Plan
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Hi All,
Immersion suits are not designed as outerwear. They are unwieldy and difficult to put on since you’ve got to basically be able to step into them, zip them up, and pull both the hood up and the shield over your lower face. This takes a little bit of time, and once they’re on, you have all the mobility of Gumby. You simply cannot move fast once you have them on, and you’re not going to be donning them after the fact if you fall through the ice. The intregal gloves provided for hand protection on the Imperial are not all that great for grasping as they're really set up to keep your fingers warm.
They definitely can be used by emergency personnel to go after those that have fallen in (better choices now available)or, in my case, when a boat decides it doesn’t want to float anymore, and you have the time to put them on. I’ve owned an Imperial Immersion Suit since the mid- 80’s with an ACR Mini-B EPIRB, VHF handheld radio, flares, ACR-strobe, and dye markers all nicely packaged up in the various pockets. I usually try to don it once a year to check it out and also to remind myself just how long it actually takes to put it on.
The Stearns i580 Anti-Exposure suit that Bob V. mentioned is the only way to go if you’ve decided to follow that route in regards to ice fishing. Many years ago, I worked on scallop draggers during cold weather months to get my tonnage up for licensing purposes. Besides layering up under my Grundens, that option was the only one that worked if you had to move about.
Oil rig workers, tug, barge, research crews, and CG personnel use this throughout the cold weather months as it performs quite handily as an insulated garment with floatation capability. It is considered a legitimate floatation device by the CG- Class V.

#535194 - 03/01/04 12:28 AM Re: Ice Fishing Rescue Plan
Mitch P. Offline

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******* Bump *******

If anyone plans on ice-fishing this week, please re-read this thread.

We don't want to read about your death in the newspaper.

If you're going solo, use extreme caution.
#535195 - 03/01/04 01:07 AM Re: Ice Fishing Rescue Plan
RJS75 Offline

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If your going out this week use alot of caution. I went stepped through Zoar tuesday, talked to a guy at Upcountry who went through up to his neck and lost his power auger.
If you have to call 911 remember cell phone calls don't give emergency dispatch an address like alandline does.
#535196 - 03/01/04 10:07 AM Re: Ice Fishing Rescue Plan
MikeG Offline


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Do not forget that a good whistle on a laynyard.

Now that thes season is almost over and ice conditons are failing I will make it a point to always have me rescue whistle and spikes arond my neck. I will also have my rope with "Loop" in the end with me on the ice.

Be carefull this time of year on the ice. No fish is worth drowning for !
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