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#792410 - 03/16/07 11:49 PM Why do you live in CT???
Dusty Offline


Registered: 01/26/05
Posts: 6222
Loc: Ellington
I have been asking myself this since I began hearing all of the issues residents of CT have with the elected leaders, DEP, taxes, etc.

People here have made it prefectly clear that they do not trust ANY official (even though you elected them). The taxes are through the roof, add that to the cost of living being what it is and it is darn near financially crippling. I know PLENTY of people have moved away and said they cant believe the difference in the $$ living outside the state, including members bluefox and lancraftbass. I know several others that are actively looking to move out of the state due to said issues.

It is clearly eveident that no matter what the DEP says that not one word of it means anything to most people. I haven't been here long enough to warrant these feelings for myself. I know a large number of the DEP employees including many of the higher-ups and have nothing but the utmost respect for them. Most people feel the same, every DEP/CO they know they become friends with.

So why is there such a disconnect??? People post on a thread about how corrupt the dep is but at the same time are good friends with DEP employees.

So my question to you: If you hate the taxes, politicians, dep, cost of living, gas prices, etc...why are you still here???? I havent been here long enough to be fully introduced to everything that occurs...so please inform me \:\)

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#792412 - 03/17/07 12:16 AM Re: Why do you live in CT???
Reno Offline

What a long strange trip...

Registered: 10/17/04
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Loc: Shakedown Street
I hate living in CT it is so freakin expensive! My wife and I had a long talk before we got married and she didn't want to leave her family. Her whole family is here except for distant relatives who live in Portugal! She is full blooded Portuguese! They are so tight as a family it's unbelievable. My family is extremely small and spread out so I never had that. They would do anything for their family so we decided to stay! I can count on them for anything! That's the only reason I'm still here! She says someday we might move because she knows CT. takes almost everything you make!

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#792413 - 03/17/07 12:19 AM Re: Why do you live in CT???


Registered: 06/23/04
Posts: 20717
Loc: Suffield Ct
I was born here in this Great State,
But they'll bury South of here somewhere warmer and cheaper.
I'm gonna sell all my asset's buy some land on a lake or near a lake, river, pond.
Feed the Birds, ride the Quads, and Go Fishing!
This State is out of control, taxes, cost of
living, I can't imagin how anyone can surrive in this state working a minimum wage

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#792414 - 03/17/07 12:22 AM Re: Why do you live in CT???
ScubaSteve Offline
If it ain't broke, you're not trying!

Registered: 03/23/04
Posts: 1058
Loc: Plainville, CT
NE is the BioTech capitol of the world. So, I went where the jobs were. I live in CT, instead of MA or NY, because this is central to the majority of my company's customers for this region. This place has its positives and negatives. As long as the positives outweigh the negatives, I'll stay.

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#792415 - 03/17/07 12:24 AM Re: Why do you live in CT???
Johnny Tep Offline

Registered: 03/28/06
Posts: 1114
You get what you pay for... that applies to almost everything. CT takes a lot from us but it also gives back a lot.

#792416 - 03/17/07 12:25 AM Re: Why do you live in CT???
flyslinger1 Offline

Registered: 08/06/04
Posts: 812
I stay by way of marriage, If my wife would leave, I'd go in a heartbeat. Italians are pretty tight as far as family goes & as much as she's broken away in the last 13 yrs. there's still a lot of work to do. By then my kids will have stronger ties here & not want to leave.


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#792417 - 03/17/07 12:27 AM Re: Why do you live in CT???
Big Beave Offline


Registered: 04/08/04
Posts: 4860
once the inlaws are gone so are we i want out of this state so bad
#792418 - 03/17/07 12:30 AM Re: Why do you live in CT???
X-Rated Offline


Registered: 01/10/04
Posts: 1427
Loc: Clinton,CT
Wifes family is to large, to many nieces and nephews, she wont leave. If that wasn't the case we would have been gone by now. I would love to join some of my family down in Sarasota, but I guess I will have to wait until I'm dead.


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#792419 - 03/17/07 12:35 AM Re: Why do you live in CT???
Squeegeeking Offline
It is What It Is

Registered: 03/13/07
Posts: 1642
number one for me is my son lives here and i wont leave him for anything ..id rather go broke and be near him..
my g/f is from this area

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#792420 - 03/17/07 12:48 AM Re: Why do you live in CT???
Johnny Tep Offline

Registered: 03/28/06
Posts: 1114
Damn, family ties holding everyone in CT?!! lol

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