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Develop a Posting History

The bulk of your posts must relate to fishing.

Reports Section Etiquette
We're here to have fun and to share information. If someone takes the time to write a report, do not argue or criticize them for it. It's OK to ask questions and post comments, but arguing over a fishing report will not be tolerated. If someone legally kept a fish, do not criticize him for it. If you want to discuss something not directly related to the report itself, please start a new thread or PM the person who posted the report. Any inappropriate posts on a report, as well as subsequent replies will be deleted.

Revealing Exact Fishing Spots
Mentioning your exact fishing location or blurring revealing photographs is your personal choice. If a person chose not to reveal his fishing location in his report, please respect that and do not name the location in your reply.


Do not start new threads on politics, or inject political arguing into discussions. Do not use political avatars or signatures.

Conduct in CT DEEP and Law Enforcement Forums We have a unique opportunity to interact directly with members of the CT DEP and CT Law Enforcement divisions. When posting in these forums, please be clear and respectful. Rude and argumentative posts will not be tolerated. Remember that even though a person may work for the state, they don't make the laws. If you don't like a law or regulation, contact your State Representative or State Senator and let them know how and why you would like a law or regulation changed. If you have an issue with DEP, do not take it out on the volunteers here on ctfisherman.com. Contact the DEP directly. Finally, please be patient when waiting for answers to your questions and know that not every question may get an answer.

Adult Photos & Content
Do not post nude or crude photos or use them for your avatar.

Banning and/or Eventual Registration Removal
These guidelines are just common sense. If you don't follow them, your account will be deleted.

Have a great 2024 fishing season!

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