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#535227 - 02/10/07 11:27 PM Re: Ice Fishing Rescue Plan
Rain King Offline

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#535228 - 02/12/07 12:13 AM Re: Ice Fishing Rescue Plan
walter Offline

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this was good reading and learning. I am hearing of all the fun being had with everyone catching fish ice fishing, and i have been thinking about getting some equipment and going with my two kids, 9, 11. but, some of this is sounding scary. I dont care if i fall thru,( well, i care, but i would rather fall thru than one of my kids. i like the idea of wearing a floatation device. And i guess if i see an opening in an area to stay clear of that and to fish where others are fishing is probably a good sign. Any other helpful hints for a safe ice fishing expedtion is greatly heeded.
#535229 - 02/12/07 10:32 PM Re: Ice Fishing Rescue Plan
mattmann7 Offline


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another point about keeping the boots on. i know a guy who had to walk a distance after his skidoo got stuck. he lost a boot in a mudhole. he decided to go on without it and ended up walking close to 3 miles with one leg barefoot. needless to say he was partially frost bit by the time he got to safety. he almost ended up losing his foot.
#535230 - 02/22/07 02:50 AM Re: Ice Fishing Rescue Plan
buckcall Offline


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The only tip I can give and it does work! If you go through turn around and try and get out the same direction you came from before you went in. You know that ice is safe, but the ice in front of you may not be, So don't keep tiring to go in the direction you were heading. Turn around pull yourself out and head back the way you came. You just don't know how big the unsafe area is. It can be 3 ft or 30 ft away from being safe.

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#889158 - 11/24/07 06:31 PM Re: Ice Fishing Rescue Plan [Re: ]
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Bump !

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#1018816 - 11/21/08 06:08 PM Re: Ice Fishing Rescue Plan [Re: Trooper_Bri]
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Bump for the '08 season!

#1050908 - 02/16/09 06:37 PM Re: Ice Fishing Rescue Plan [Re: Mitch P.]
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Ice is never safe, remembering that could save your life. One reason i recently joined this site is because i just got married and i promised my wife that i would try to fish on a ice covered lake that has other people fishing on it. so as you can probably tell there are lakes i show up to, and leave, for her sake. I carry a lot of gear life jackets, plus a throwable, picks, 100' rope with a soft ball attached to use as a heave line, and a collaspeable boat hook. cell phone is always clipped to collar, There are times i take my life jacket off , but i still carry a whistle, or air horn. My sled is heavy because of all this gear, and my fishing gear / grills / coolers and a lot of times, i dont fish where the fish are because of safety reasons. Being safe does hamper my fishing on Ice. After hunting season, i have 3 and a half long months before the boat goes in. Reason this is so long is, I was in the USCG in the 70's had to save and recover people, Face's of family and friends of folks lost, waiting at the dock for there loved one's is a memory i have.
#1161761 - 12/11/09 04:05 PM Re: Ice Fishing Rescue Plan [Re: Mitch P.]
Mitch P. Offline

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#1181126 - 02/06/10 08:34 PM Re: Ice Fishing Rescue Plan [Re: Mitch P.]
BigRig Offline

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Thanks guy's for the good advise. I fell in today on candlewood and you need to stay calm an remember the ice that you were walking on is the safest way to get back out of the water. Thank God one arm caught the ice on the way in and I was able to pull myself back out. I had picks around my neck ready to go. You guy's save lives with your post. Thanks again.
#1181130 - 02/06/10 08:59 PM Re: Ice Fishing Rescue Plan [Re: BigRig]
Mitch P. Offline

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Glad you were able to get out OK!

Truth is, I wasn't far behind you. I was heading in the same direction and never would have seen the area in the low light. Thankfully, others passed the word about the bad ice or I might have been in the same predicament.
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