Reader-Contributed Articles

4/12/05: Cod: The Meat and Potatoes of the Sea
By: Micah Ackerman ("Mad Mike")

1/18/05: Blackfish Bait Rigs of the CTF Togmeisters
By Mark "fuzzy2u" Sanner

8/6/04: Ryan's Rock
By Gary Kulik

12/4/03: Going Fishing vs. Fishing
By David Saunders

9/12/03: A Great Way To Fish - Tube & Worm Fishing For Striped Bass
By Pat Renna

9/12/03: Three-Waying Eels for BIG Bass!
By Stu Adams

9/12/03: Let's Do That Again
By Mark Sanner

6/16/02: A Primer for Drift Fishing The Race
Part II: Rods, Reels and Basic Technique
By Mark Sanner

6/12/02: My Boat Project: Part II
By Bryan Reilly

6/2/02: My Boat Project: Part I
By Bryan Reilly

5/26/02: A Primer for Drift Fishing The Race
Part 1: Line, Lures and Terminal Tackle
By Mark Sanner

5/26/02: America at War
By Ray Cook

4/29/02: Rigging Soft Plastics
By Paul D.

9/25/01: Fishing Etiquette
By Danny Surfcast

9/9/01: The Lunker
By Danny Surfcast

9/5/01: The Magic Hours
By Mitch Passero

8/22/01: Fishing "in the Zone"
By Mitch Passero

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