Now that it LOOKS like we should be ready to get back to conducting Club sized fishing tournaments again, I just wanted to pass this along to DEEP. This message went out to our membership the other day but was formulated back in March. We could have been doing this all along.

I wish I did not need to write this, and not all people will agree but, so that we can not be socially shamed or have fingers pointed at us I'm writing it anyhow with the agreement of our Tournament Director.

We understand many people are still worried about Covid 19 so we will attempt to keep any gathering at our tournaments to no more than 5 people. Therefore, when registering in the morning, we should have only one person from each team come to Bill and pay. If you feel you need to wait in line, please maintain your 6 feet social distancing. When it comes to drawing start numbers it will be the same thing. One person at a time. Weigh in will be conducted with 3 people attending the scales. Weigh in will be be done by boat number. We will call your boat number when it is your turn to come to the scales both team members can come to the scales (some of you need help in carrying those monster sacks LOL) Please be patient. If anyone wants to gather in groups or be closer than 6 feet to each other, that is fine if done in your own space but please allow the Tournament Committee their space.

Edited by Jon Pski (05/31/20 07:24 PM)