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#1813144 - 04/29/21 05:27 PM another nice largemouth
PerfectHookSet Offline

Pond Skipper

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to make a long boring story of missed fish and some small catches..
After fishing between 9am - 1pm attempting to catch fish at 3 places the 3 of us only caught a handfull of small bass.
At the last stop my buddy, after a few cast got smashed on top of the water close to the shore but could't get the hook in.
After about 20minutes I'm fishing in the same area my buddy lost his first fish. casting a yum dinger toward a down tree after about half way in I start twitching it under the surface, once I got close to the milky surface on shore SMASH. After a good fight (I was using a light action rod semi loose drag) I caught this guy.

The picture doesnt give this fish justice.

Yes I was the teen that you remember from the bait shop picture gallary.

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#1813148 - 04/29/21 06:01 PM Re: another nice largemouth [Re: PerfectHookSet]
Don D Offline


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Nice largy.

If there are fish to catch. I'll be there to my end.
#1813160 - 04/29/21 08:57 PM Re: another nice largemouth [Re: PerfectHookSet]
MikeV Offline


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Great Fish! There is really something special about a great fish on top water stuff.

Great job,

#1813162 - 04/29/21 09:17 PM Re: another nice largemouth [Re: PerfectHookSet]
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#1813167 - 04/29/21 10:15 PM Re: another nice largemouth [Re: PerfectHookSet]
O-BASS Offline


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nice gut on that one brother. Well done!
#1813339 - 05/04/21 09:55 AM Re: another nice largemouth [Re: PerfectHookSet]


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Chunky Bass, congrats! cha

Send me a message if you want to try the W500,W700 and soon the S4.

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#1813342 - 05/04/21 10:27 AM Re: another nice largemouth [Re: PerfectHookSet]
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Very nice!

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