As I approached the Hamilton Reservoir boat launch to land the boat, a guy in a truck pulls up and blocks the launch. I was approaching the launch first, but the guy did not acknowledge me, so I just held position, assuming he was intending to launch despite my getting there first. He was working away, putting in drain plug and taking engine braces off, putting things in the boat, and as time passed it became clear that he was not ready to launch but was blocking the ramp doing his prep. I asked him to pull around and finish his prep elsewhere, he said he had broken his arm and it was quite a while since he took the boat out, meaning he was just going to keep doing what he was doing.

Finally he is done prepping and launches his boat. Does he then park the boat and pull his trailer out? No, he moves to the fishing pier, ties the boat up and engages in a conversation with the guy on the pier, leaving his truck and trailer blocking the boat launch. At this juncture I took out my phone and snapped a couple of pictures.

That is a Connecticut license combo plate 5879-CV.

Hard to see, but a black truck with white boat behind the fishing pier rails is waiting to launch. About this time a bass boat pulls up behind me and says what the h***?, I explain. I again tell the guy talking to the guy on the fishing pier to move his trailer, he called us (me and the bass boat guys) crybabies. I told him he is going to be famous, he said he was famous, he was a fisherman.

Finally he gets back to his truck pulls his trailer out and I am able to land and I see there are two trailers waiting to launch boats. Four boats forced to wait on this guy.

This guy deserves recognition for the extraordinary level, rarely seen these days, of his courtesy and thoughtfulness for other boaters.