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Log-in Name vs. Displayed Name
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Check Your Typing
If you're including a space where it doesn't belong, or omitting a space, your log-in or password will not work. Both your log-in and password are case sensitive. Be sure to double-check your typing. Almost all log-in problems are due to typing in your log-in or password incorrectly.

Remember Me
If you'd like your computer to remember you, so you don't always have to type in your log-in and password, there's check box below the log-in and password fields called "Remember me on each visit"

Clear Your Browser Cookies (Helpful if you can't log-in or log-out.)
In Internet Explorer, go to: Tools / Internet Option / General tab / Browsing history / Delete

In Firefox, go to: Tools / Clear Private Data

If you experience continued problems logging in or out, you can also clear cookies for the board by clicking here and then clicking the "Expire Cookies" button at the bottom of the page.

Members of the Old Board
You do not need to re-register to use this new board. Your log-in and password from the old message board will work on this new message board. If you joined the site any time since 2001, your account is most likely still active.

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The majority of forums are available to paid subscribers only. Click here for details.

Conversion to Paid Subscriber
If you pay for a subscription via PayPal, please allow up to 24hrs. for your standard message board account to be converted to a paid account. You will receive a confirmation email when your paid account is activated.

Choose a New Password
Once you are able to log-in to the board, you should change your password to whatever you like. Go to My Stuff / My Profile at the top of the board to change your password.

Firewall Users
If you use a home firewall or access the site while at work behind a corporate firewall, try this:

If using Explorer, go to:
Tools / Internet Options / Security / Trusted Sites / Sites button
Add or

If using Firefox, go to:
Tools / Options / Security / Exceptions (at the top of the tab)
Enter and click the "Allow" button

Hide from Who's Online
If don't want to appear in the list of Who's Online, you can remain invisible. Go to "My Stuff/My Preference" at the top of the board and adjust your setting for Hide from Who's Online?

For optimal viewing of the message board, these tips will help:
1. Make sure your operating system is up-to-date:

2. Make sure you're running the latest version of Java:

3. Make sure you're running the latest version of Flash:

4. If after doing all of that, and you are still having issues, please try downloading and installing FireFox. I recommend it for optimal viewing of the CTF board. It has solved a lot of issues for some people.

If using Firefox, be sure all of your plug-ins are up to date. You can check by visiting this page:

5. If you're going to upload pictures from your digital camera, please resize them to a manageable size (no wider than 1000 pixels) before you upload them to the board. If you don't have photo editing software, try these: