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#1421731 - 06/09/12 09:35 PM CTF 2012 KID'S DAY RESULTS 6--9-2012
PDona Offline

P.Donna at one time

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Loc: Southern Ct

22 kids came out and played with us, this year. We found the water temp to be 68-70 degrees in most of the spots we hit. Weather was just about perfect with a little sprinkle here and there. We were getting a little worried a couple times, though !

I am sorry I had to leave early, we needed to be at a 100th anniversary for Chester Fire Dept parade. Not some other parade that others like to partake in whistle



1ST: Zander with a 2.23 lb Pickerel
2ND: Tyler Maurice with a 2.02 lb large mouth.
There was a variety of sizes of smallies and largies ranging from the 2.02 lber to .48 lb smallie.

8-11 7 KIDS

1ST: Shane Davis with a 2.11 lb Large Mouth
2ND: Rachel Dona with a 1.63lb Pickerel
A variety of sizes of smallies, largies, pickerel, and even a trout this year.

12-15 4 KIDS

1st: Connor Gontarz with a 1.72 lb large mouth (2 years in a row )
2ND: Michael Jordan with a 1.21 lb Pickerel beating out Alex Maxwell by .01
They all brought in largies, and a pickerel all over 1 lb

THANK YOU TO Tall 1 for his help throughout the whole event and securing more prizes !
, Buckcall, for weighing in all of our catch !
Mycept, and his wife for getting the draw string backpacks logo'd and to us right on time ! Visit TRIPLE STITCH WEBSITE
Joe Sabas, He always puts smiles on all of our faces !!!
Mitch , we can't do this without the site !
MEGAPRINT WEBSITE My brother got me a huge discount on our banner we have for this event, and PIKETOBERFEST .. Please think of them for any of your printing needs wink2
All of the prizes, and food for this event was from donations by YOU the CTFer's and friends ! ! Come and fish the PIKETOBERFEST, and participate in the CTF GAME DINNER . Put some $$ into the raffles , and have a blast .

I love this event and this one we all brought in some awesome results !

Can't wait for next year !

><((((> `..`...><((((>

Hug your mom more ! !

Paul Dona

A "not neat" knot is a knot not needed

><((((> `..`...><((((>

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#1421739 - 06/09/12 10:52 PM Re: CTF 2012 KID'S DAY RESULTS 6--9-2012 [Re: PDona]
Happy Birthday Mitch P. Offline

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Today was the best fishing action I can remember at this event. We literally had fish biting from the first to last casts of the day.

Thanks Paul, Joe and everyone who made this event a winner again.

I'll post a bunch of pics tomorrow.
#1421822 - 06/10/12 12:15 PM Re: CTF 2012 KID'S DAY RESULTS 6--9-2012 [Re: PDona]
Don P Offline


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Loc: CLINTON & West Hartford, CT
Originally Posted By: PDONA
Post your results here !

I am sorry I had to leave early, we needed to be at a parade.

I'll update soon, but THANK YOU TO Tall 1, Buckcall, Mycept, Joe Sabas, Mitch to name a few !
I love this event and this one we brought in some awesome results !

Too bad this post string will draw so much kid views....that "parade" comment could have been soooo much fun....a potential CTF # OF POST WINNER!

Great CTF event, great CTF organizer efforts, great kids and building kids' memories. Look fwd to hearing and seeing the recap!

Congrats to all involved.
#1421823 - 06/10/12 12:16 PM Re: CTF 2012 KID'S DAY RESULTS 6--9-2012 [Re: PDona]
puckradler Offline

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thamks again guys what a great event there should have been 100 kids there. It was nice for my son to come to a tournament with me bc he is always seeing me go and fish tournaments without him. I would love to see more kids events like this

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#1421825 - 06/10/12 12:38 PM Re: CTF 2012 KID'S DAY RESULTS 6--9-2012 [Re: PDona]
puckradler Offline

Registered: 11/27/06
Posts: 551
I was so proud of him bc 2 hours in he was done fishing but he discovered that he loved netting the fish. tyler was on the back deck of the boat playing with my lures and his friend faith when I hooked into a fish I yelled for Tyler get the net he sprung into action jumps over the seated and dives head first into the steering wheel. Cuncussed and crying LOUDLY he didnt skip a beat he netted that fish like he was on the deadliest catch. It was so Cute what a proud papa Thanks CTF for that memory.

#1421828 - 06/10/12 01:00 PM Re: CTF 2012 KID'S DAY RESULTS 6--9-2012 [Re: PDona]
ME_fisherman Offline


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Loc: Derby, CT
It was a great time and having it early in the year for better action was a great move. We caught fish only a couple of ways. I'm sure we could have caught them other ways, but we didn't need to. At one point Kayla and I had a double. She of course pointed out that her 13" lmb was bigger than my 9" smb. It was a classic fishing situation. I had a lmb swim up under my topwater, but not take it. I told Kayla to cast her lizzard over there and reel in very slowly. As I hooked a short smb she yells I got one. Chaos ensued, but I'll take that kind of chaos in the boat anytime.

First fish of the day.

Best fish of the day that weighed 1.99 lbs, but only took third in the 7 and under category . . . some big fish were caught by the youngsters.

A family of snakes that Kayla and I enjoyed watching for a little bit. Kayla wanted to hold one, but I thought it would be better to continue letting them rest together. If it was one solo, maybe, but they looked very happy sitting there.

At the weigh in.

Thanks to Paul and all those who helped organize the event. Thanks to Joe for another great show (always Kayla's favorite part).

Here Fishy Fishy!

#1421830 - 06/10/12 01:03 PM Re: CTF 2012 KID'S DAY RESULTS 6--9-2012 [Re: PDona]
joe sabas the fishin magician Offline


Registered: 06/04/04
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Loc: Jupiter,Florida
You said it brother I wish more people would bring their kids to this event ,soo glad we moved it to June the fishing was hot my Grandson had a blast ,he caught 2 bass ,1 sunny,1 of the biggest bluegill I ever saw,and 5 pickerel,and LDR'd just as many .It was a great day of fishing for him and me. Sorry the only Pic's I took ,,I cut off the fish DUH..
Thanks to All that helped put this event together,
I second the vote to do more kids events Like this.
Oh I also ran into site member Sly-Snake on gardner ,Nice to meet you and nice Job on the boat.

#1421838 - 06/10/12 01:48 PM Re: CTF 2012 KID'S DAY RESULTS 6--9-2012 [Re: PDona]
puckradler Offline

Registered: 11/27/06
Posts: 551
The importantance of life vests. faith 4yrs old went over board it happened so fast we were able to grab her by her ankles had she not have had a a vest on we were going swimming. It would have been much more scary.

Also my vote for angler of the tournament was ME Fishermans daughter Kayla, from the reports at how she did and all on her own is very impressive at age 4. what a start to what could be a long and successfull fishing career.

Watch out guys Kayla will be the kid to beat next year.......

#1421846 - 06/10/12 03:27 PM Re: CTF 2012 KID'S DAY RESULTS 6--9-2012 [Re: PDona]
JohnS Offline

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Good stuff, I HAVE to get my niece and nephews there next year, i am going to tell my sister in law i am not taking no for an answer.

Great pics so far, glad the fish were biting for the youngster.

New House 5/18
#1421876 - 06/10/12 06:07 PM Re: CTF 2012 KID'S DAY RESULTS 6--9-2012 [Re: PDona]
Tall 1 Offline


Registered: 05/02/03
Posts: 16491
What a great day!
Special thanks to Paul for all of his hard work to organize such a great event! bowdown

Joe, your show makes me smile as much as it does for the children- you're the best!! biggrin

I only wish more members would come out and fish with their kids or take a member and their kids out for a day. I hope next year is bigger and better.

I had the pleasure of sharing my boat with Mycept and his 8 year old fishing machine, Josh.
We caught a bunch of fish all morning , literally from the first cast, right up until the end of the event.
Josh was high hook for the day with 13 fish landed! headbanger1

Variety and numbers was the name of the game, we caught largemouth, smallmouth, pickerel, sunnies and crappie. Josh kept hoping for a catfish, I'm not really sure why, but he wanted a catfish really bad... smile1

We caught fish on a drop shot rig, soft jerkbait, hard jerkbait and live worms.

I totally enjoyed hanging with Mycept and talking hunting and fishing all morning and Josh was a hardcore, hammer down, fishing machine all day.

Great pizza and the prizes were excellent!

Very special thanks to everyone that attended the Game Dinner/Tackle Swap or Piketoberfest and made this day possible! Also thanks to Cabelas for donating rods and reels as prizes!

Here's a few pics from the morning:

Mycept and Josh with a dandy pickerel

Josh with a nice crappie

One of many solid sunfish to make it to the boat

Father and son in position.... Josh hooks, fights and lands another sunfish, Mycept unhooks, releases sunfish and rebaits the hook. Repeat often.... So perfect! biggrin

A box makes a fun place to hide from the other kids..

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