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#1820863 - 09/16/21 01:13 PM Re: Free Classifieds! [Re: mariano]
Mitch P. Offline

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#1820877 - 09/16/21 03:53 PM Re: Free Classifieds! [Re: mariano]
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Pay to play or go away. kiss
#1821197 - 09/22/21 09:23 AM Re: Free Classifieds! [Re: mariano]
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#1821229 - 09/22/21 08:51 PM Re: Free Classifieds! [Re: mariano]
highflier Offline


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Keep it the same Mitch. Great site, great members, great information and reading opportunities. And yes the Classifieds are an awesome place for both buying and selling opportunities for our members. Never knew there were " free" members. Pony up guys, 15 bucks is not too much for the " entertainment" this site provides!
#1822131 - 10/11/21 01:56 PM Re: Free Classifieds! [Re: mariano]
PerfectHookSet Offline

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I usually leave mine open for the public it helps get things sold lol.

Im not that type of person that thinks oh I pay for this or that so you MUST!

Even though I havnt gone to many I pay to see what ctfisherman events are coming up, to get some info by directly asking certain people questions (did this ice season) ANNNNNND since I dislike and do not have a facebook f it may as well stop by here sometimes.

"Also, I've offered free access to some who have contributed a lot of great content over the years." <-- I can confirm at least for my self this is true. I remember a post saying to hook me up one year and I got a year for free.

Should the classified be free
with so many places to sell things from offerUP to ebay to facebook etc, I personally think it should be free just to help those on both sides of the sale / give away items.

Would it change if i came here or not... nope

Remember when some people got mad that they had to pay for no ads smile1

Yes I was the teen that you remember from the bait shop picture gallary.
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