I would like to thank the creators of this forum for allowing like minded (for the most part) fishing people to get together.

However.........I think it is a bit of a travesty to have some classified ads only viewable to subscribers and some for free to everyone (for instance, I am not a paid subscriber, but have sold many awesome things to many members of this board--whether it be saltwater gear, vehicles, or in home aid assistance items). It is only harming your audience of who you can sell to if not everyone can view a classified ad (for instance, i cant see what paid subscribers are selling--i might buy it or have an item they are looking for!). I'm not the person at the top, but least have an account to post--paid subscribers are missing out on opportunities to sell things to non-paid users.

And i dont care if you do this or not, i have basically no skin in the game in CT. I can't wait to fish in January on Marion & Multrie smile1