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#1846425 - 01/04/24 05:22 PM Tn deer
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Well this year has been a dumpster fire.unlike last year with zero shots this year was the oppoosite.3 shots 1 a big 8 i should have waited for the broadside ....ooohhh no took the face at me quartering shot.bad call
Miss....ugghh.that dude has been a daytime regular.unlike the nocturnal 8 and his girlfriends.big ,huge doe saw pre season showed up in the food plot.took my time waiting for the prime position..got it,another gdmn miss.i,m sick.wtf? Really? Sited in pre season .270 great ammo.;...horrifying.tg my neihgbor brought me some backstrap for christmas dinner.i suck this year .sorry for my rant.got 4 days left...wish me luck oy.
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#1846431 - 01/04/24 07:48 PM Re: Tn deer [Re: KWK]
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Sorry to hear the hunts this year. Bear down and pin the target and don't flinch. Just jam the trigger and harvest some meat. You have those skills so have at it.
#1846432 - 01/05/24 06:44 AM Re: Tn deer [Re: KWK]
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Keith, didn't know you were a misser. Stick with it you will get em.

If there are fish to catch. I'll be there to my end.
#1846450 - 01/06/24 04:44 PM Re: Tn deer [Re: KWK]
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Can you eat that ?

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You sure your rifle didn't take a bump after being sighted in ?


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#1846455 - 01/06/24 06:36 PM Re: Tn deer [Re: KWK]
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Pretend it’s a turkey’s head. You won’t miss!

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