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#773586 - 09/15/06 07:13 PM Official DEP Statement on Bass Management
Mitch P. Offline

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Posting a link in this forum, in case some of you guys haven't seen it before.

Official DEP Statement on Bass Management
Fishing Info
#1261904 - 10/22/10 06:30 PM Re: Official DEP Statement on Bass Management [Re: Mitch P.]
Tony Mel Offline


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Just came across this post. Thanks for the posting Mitch. Very informative and reassuring. Hope the budget cuts have not change DEPs resolve to enforce regs.

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#1263144 - 10/26/10 08:32 PM Re: Official DEP Statement on Bass Management [Re: Mitch P.]
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Thanks for that update, Mitch. The one beef I have with the program is that it really puts a limit on where you can have a tournament during the summer - especially a night tournament. We're a medium sized club and last year we were trying to figure out places to go in the summer for a day tournament and ended up going out of state. Of course we could've done Candlewood, the River or a handful of other places that could accommodate a club our size, but we like to mix it up a bit and not go to a Lilly or Zoar just because - hey, we all want to catch fish. I've never understood why Gardner and Mansfield (two rat-infested lakes) are given the exemption for mid-summer tourneys but places like Highland and Bashan aren't? I get they are protecting the fish during the warmest months completely and commend them, but is there ever going to be a change where we can get on some of the lakes we'd like to for a tourney in mid-summer? Not only that, it would take some of the tournament bottle-neck pressure that is created off the River and C-Wood.

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#1523794 - 08/29/13 12:15 AM Re: Official DEP Statement on Bass Management [Re: Mitch P.]
O-BASS Offline


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heres what ive been thinking to improve fishing in the state.

universal 1 fish per day, per angler, year round all lakes rivers and streams. bass season open in all waters not stocked with trout, and in specified sections of the hous and quinny rivers, which become open to catch and release year round, no fish taken during closed season.

exemption on tournaments with written approval of tourny application.
#1523809 - 08/29/13 05:57 AM Re: Official DEP Statement on Bass Management [Re: Mitch P.]
buckcall Offline


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BS, they shut Gardner down so they get a short but sweet rest from everyone calling on the a hole at the far end of the lake. Really almost jumped off my boat after him the last CTF kids event we had.
Oh and thank you Mr Mitch for the read.

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