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#1815433 - 06/06/21 08:14 PM Grilled Venison Chops
Tall 1 Online   content


Registered: 05/02/03
Posts: 16565
Thought I would share a glimpse of tonight’s dinner.
Fork tender venison chops seasoned with garlic and onion powder and Montreal seasoning.
I sautéed some onions and deglazed the pan with a little Cabernet.
Got the grill smoking hot and cooked these beauties for 3 or 4 minutes per side then set them to rest under some foil.
Also grilled summer and zucchini squash and made a kale mac and cheese pasta salad.
An ice cold IPA rounded out the feast.

This is living…and just one delicious reason that I hunt hard.

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#1815434 - 06/06/21 08:43 PM Re: Grilled Venison Chops [Re: Tall 1]
ecurB Offline

Can you eat that ?

Registered: 06/06/10
Posts: 1442
Bone in chops ? Doesn't get any better !


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#1815436 - 06/06/21 08:59 PM Re: Grilled Venison Chops [Re: ecurB]
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Registered: 05/02/03
Posts: 16565
Originally Posted By: ecurB
Bone in chops ? Doesn't get any better !

Boneless, butterflied. I do love bone in even better!
#1815445 - 06/07/21 05:09 AM Re: Grilled Venison Chops [Re: Tall 1]
Tod Osier Offline

Registered: 04/13/04
Posts: 1402
Loc: Newtown, CT
Beau-t-ful. That looks great. Love venison just about every way, but that is the way to really enjoy it.
#1815454 - 06/07/21 08:24 AM Re: Grilled Venison Chops [Re: Tall 1]
poppi57 Offline


Registered: 06/10/02
Posts: 827
Loc: Stonington
Looks amazing!!
#1815459 - 06/07/21 09:01 AM Re: Grilled Venison Chops [Re: Tall 1]
Iuse2fish Offline


Registered: 02/09/04
Posts: 362
Loc: Danbury, CT.
That looks great. I have chops from my deer that I haven't cooked yet. I will soon. smile1
#1815475 - 06/07/21 10:21 AM Re: Grilled Venison Chops [Re: Iuse2fish]
LegalFish Offline


Registered: 06/22/04
Posts: 1656
Loc: Bristol
Dam..that looks delicious!

#1815500 - 06/07/21 12:17 PM Re: Grilled Venison Chops [Re: Tall 1]
MikeV Offline


Registered: 07/07/03
Posts: 1801
Loc: Tolland

That looks fantastic. Those chops are done medium to perfection. That pasta salad and grilled zukes also look 5 star.

Generally, I just get my chops "broken" but that's another story.

#1815559 - 06/08/21 06:01 AM Re: Grilled Venison Chops [Re: Tall 1]
Capt_Jay Offline

Team Empty Hook

Registered: 06/11/12
Posts: 2225
Loc: Ludlow, MA / Niantic CT
Mouth is watering....looks great Jon.

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#1815563 - 06/08/21 07:02 AM Re: Grilled Venison Chops [Re: Tall 1]
swwind Offline


Registered: 06/10/03
Posts: 14763
Incredible !

Its rare I call my wife to see a CTF Post but that one made the list.

I have never butchered one that way but will try this season.

Well Done Sir . . . . applause bowdown

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