My name is Xxxxxx (name redacted to protect the guilty), and I'm..I'm a..

Last year was so *damned* slow, I didn't even bother to start a thread. Against my better (pessimistic) nature, I am hopeful this year is not going to be as dismal. I did catch a handful in the 2019, but they were so far and few between. :sigh:

First trip report of 2020, today behind Bart's, approx. 2:10 pm-3:30 pm.
Water: moderately high, clear, good current, 42 F, air temp 49-50 F.
Train traffic is up! Three passed (2 w/in 1 min, in opposite directions) in the short time I was out.

Rod: an Ugly Stik 4'6" U/L Pro
Reel: a Penn 4200 SS, spooled with 10# Power Pro

Terminal Tackle: 3/4 oz drail over a 3', 8# flouro leader. I threw hammered silver, gold, and copper in a variety of colors. All for naught.

Only one other joined me on the rocks. Keeping social distance...

A friend posted on FB a pic of her kid with a shad. Apparently he caught it on Saturday. Let the games begin...

George Darrell ...

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