4:30-7:30 pm: Rocky Hill Ferry Park, fishing off the docks. It was busy at the park on a beautiful Friday afternoon. About 8 people there on arrival, and reports of shad being caught. Water was a turbid, with good current, and the breeze was much the same as yesterday. And finally, it felt like May, rather than March!

I got my vitamin shad on my first cast, a middlin' buck. I reached for my phone for the Kodakô moment, but I had it in the Jeep. :shrug: I did get some other attention, a couple of short strikes, and a decent 3-4 head shakes before the line went slack. Caught 1 alewife, too. But, the regulars were regularly playing shad. All were released, save for the bleeder that swallowed the hook.

Terminal tackle: 1.5 oz drail, over 2.5'-3' 8# flouro leader, hammered silver chartruese nabbed the shad. Also threw hammered silver in orange w/black dot, pink w/black dot, and hammered gold in chartreuse & green w/red dot.

Tight lines!

George Darrell ...

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