Went out for an hour this afternoon, arriving behind Bart's at 5:15. Water was down a little from yesterday, clear, but the current was very slow. Water temp was 52/53 F. Only two other fisherman on the bank, and not so much as a bite. And that's how the day ended; no fish today.

Terminal tackle: 5/8 oz drail over a 2-1/2', 8# flouro leader, and under all that, I threw hammered silver, copper, and gold in chartreuse, red/white, and orange.

Rumor has it the boaters are catching some limits down toward the mouth, below Loomis. They should start moving up the Farm'y this week with the warmer temps, 'though I expect next few rainy days will delay that into next week. Tight lines!

George Darrell ...

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