5:15 -- 7:15 pm today, also down in Cromwell. Water was up a little from yesterday; one of the regulars said it was actually down a little from when he was there in the morning. The water was more turbid, and lots more flotsam running with the current. And the current was ripping, I couldn't hold the bottom, even with a slow retrieve. So, I cast quartering upstream, and "jigged" it in the current, letting it drift until it was about parallel with the shore, and I could finally feel it bump the bottom. With concentration, I was able to bump it along, and about 6:pm I had a good hit. I played it until it broke me off after a brief, strong fight. I didn't see anyone else hook up, except to each other, or the bottom. Ah well, no fish today, but at least I know they're still in there, and the tug of war felt good.

Terminal tackle: 1.5 oz drail, under 3.5' 8# flouro leader, and my last hammered copper willow in green/yellow w/black dot (lost with Mr/Mrs Shad), and a silver leaf in orange/yellow w/black dot.

As the water falls, the fishing should improve a little each day this week. Hopefully the scattered showers predicted for later this week are very scattered. We don't need more rain this week. Tight lines!

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