O-Bass, MikeV, and Paul, thanks fellas. It's good to be back. Obviously I didn't go out this afternoon after work. After drizzling a little in the afternoon, it started pouring when I left work. Tomorrow looks worse.

O-Bass, Saturday morning at "The Wall" should be good. They've been doing fairly well there recently, and the 411 is that this rain, w/rising water & temp, and faster current should help things pick up.
I will be heading over there myself, but NOT for sunrise, LOL! For equip't, most people use medium to heavy bass tackle. I'm--er, different... crazy I usually use an U/L set up, even at the Wall. Unless I need to throw heavier than 3/4 oz, then I use a med-action rod w/Penn 4500SS. Use whatever bass set-up you have, it will be plenty. The terminal tackle matters most.

You will want to throw a drail, min. 3/4 oz., and up to 1 oz. or even 1-1/2 oz if the water is high and ripping. Join the Merry Pranksters on the Wall, we'll learn ya. I've got enough gear to get you started, and a guy who makes and sells terminal tackle (leaves and weights) will most likely be there, too. I can always give him a call if we need his services.

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