Late report, it's been a busy weekend...

Saturday, 17 April, 8:30-11:45 am, up back of Bart's. The water was up at least 5' after the rain, water temp fell to ~43F, but was running fairly clear and with a good current, not too much flotsam. Four regulars were plying the bank on arrival, one had lost one, but caught two, including a nice roe about 8:am. All of which he released. One small buck was caught mid-morning before I left, but that was it, not so much as an alewife.

Sat., 17 April, 2:30-5:pm. After taking a break for my back, and to wrench on the Jeep, I went back to Bart's hoping to change my luck. Conditions remained about the same as the morning, as did the fishing. I saw one lone alewife caught. Rumor had it they had caught one or two, and lost a couple in my absence. No Fish Today, c'est la guerre. Still it was nice to be out, and running around in the Jeep again.

Terminal tackle: 1 oz. drail over 1.5'-2.5', 8# flouro leader, and hammered silver leaves in bright green w/red dot, dark/pale blue w/white dot, yellow w/red dot, and orange w/black dot.

I'm planning on heading out after work every day this week. And may try the Wall if the 411 indicates the water, which was coffee colored on Saturday and Sunday, has cleared.

In the meantime, whatever might be your piscine quarry, tight lines!

George Darrell ...

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