Cinco de Mayo, 4:30-6:pm, behind Bart's & the RR bridge.
On arrival Dylan and Bill C were working the bank. Bill had 1 shad on a stringer and had C&R a couple, and Dylan reported he had C&R 2, and lost 2 before I got out of work. The water was a little higher than yesterday, dark but not coffee colored as is the CT River. The current was fair, not as strong as yesterday, and it was raining lightly, but steadily. I C&R an alewife about 4:45 pm, and just before 5:pm the rain stopped, and the shad started running. Bill caught one, right in the gills, so that went on the stringer, too. Dylan promptly set the hook on a nice long buck shad. Another angler had joined us and he hooked one, just as had Bill, right in the gills, and he gave it to Bill for the stringer. I set the hook on a firm hit, and it immediately ripped line off the drag. It made another 3 or 4 hard runs before I turned its head in to shore, still it tried to surge and run, but it was almost spent. She was a nice long fatty, and after a Kodak moment, I released her. My next cast netted another roe for a pic & release, it wasn't as fat or long as the first, but a roe back to back--LOVE it! Dylan and Bill each got another couple of shad between them. By 5:30, the current had all but gone slack, the water was like glass, and the bite was over. At 6:pm I packed it in. It was a very good day, if short. I'm sure the water will continue to rise over the next day, maybe two, from all the rain, but I'll be back to the Farm'y again tomorrow, as long as the current is good, the shad will be running.

Terminal tackle: 3/4 oz drail over 3' 8# flouro leader, and a Jamaican. Dylan's hot pink w/black dot was a real winner.

Tight lines!

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