26.May, 4:20-6:10 pm, Rocky Hill. The water was flowing, and getting thick with cotton. The wind was screaming up from Middletown, making casting challenging, and the water very choppy. We got our sea-legs on the pitching docks. Three regulars were working the docks when I got there, and we were joined by two more a little later.

By the time I left, only three shad were caught. I got the stinky kitty. skunk No fish today.

Terminal tackle: 1 oz drail over 3.5' 8# flouro leader, hammered silver willows in blue/chartreuse w/black dot, and one in white w/red & green dots & a black line (Bill's "stop light" pattern).

All in all the cotton is manageable, even if the shad are few and far between. The ones we are getting tend to be roes, and fight out of their weight class. One of the regulars reported that Dan at Hale's shad shack had netted 80 shad last night, so the chance is still there. And so I'll be out again tomorrow for a chance at whatever shad are left. Tight lines!

George Darrell ...

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