26.April, ~4:30-6:30 pm, Ferry Park in Rocky Hill.
The breeze was mostly at our backs, occasionally swinging around to come out of the North. The water was clear, but there wasn't much current. Maybe tonight's super moon event has something to do with it. The current was slower than it should have been on a falling tide, I had little problem grabbing the bottom with a 1 oz weight.

There were only three regulars on the docks when I got there, and I missed a couple of regulars who were there earlier in the day. Bill C. had a few shad on a stringer, but said action was incredibly slow, and that he had lost as many shad as he caught today, going 4 for 8. About my 6th or 7th cast, something small and light hit me, and I thought it was an alewife. No, it was a small buck shad that didn't put much effort into fighting me. As Bill tried to net it, it rolled and threw the hook. A little while later, one of the other regulars hooked a decent buck, and landed it. And that was all she wrote. There really wasn't much of a bite today. Anyway for me, No Fish Today. Maybe tomorrow.

Terminal tackle: 1 oz drail over a 2'-3' 8# flouro leader, and hammered silver willows in blue/white w/black dot, and a Jamaican (green/yellow/black).

I'm not sure where I will start, or end at tomorrow. I'll try to get fresh 411 during the day tomorrow before I decide where I'm going. Tight lines!

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