22.May, 1:45-4:40 pm, Ferry Park at Rocky Hill. The water was barely moving, but there was more current than I had on the preceding two morning excursions. However, the cotton has started to pile up in the water, clinging to the line, and clogging up the guides, and spool. Some casts caught me pulling more cotton, than actually fishing. And its only going to get worse next week. I may be putting things to bed for this season.

On arrival there were 5 regulars on the docks. Bill had one buck on his stringer, and nobody had caught anything but a few alewives. Between 2 and 3, another regular showed up, and he managed a buck by 4:pm. Other than a couple of alewives, I go nothing. At 4:30 I had a call from home, that one of the cats was in distress. So I had to bail to attend to the critter. Male cat, turned out to be a urinary blockage. The vet has him now, and he should be fine after 2-3 days. He's a pricey little piss-ant...

Terminal tackle: 3/4 oz drail, over 3.5' 8# flouro, and hammered silver in pink w/black dot, pink w/white dots, and pink/green w/sparkly sh*t.

It looks like the shad run is winding down. I'll head out to Rocky Hill or Cromwell after work next week, but only until the cotton is so heavy on the water that it sticks to everything and clogs up the works. Then I'm done, unless I hear of a late run in early June, after the cotton has had it's run.

Tight lines!

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