19.April: Arrived at E. Barbor St. ~4:30 pm. Overcast with a brief shower, which ended as I parked. Water was up between the middle and bottom cleats beside the ramp. Water temp ~52 F, fairly clear, with a fair current, and lots of floatsam. Three regulars were taking casting practice, no reports of shad. About 5:pm, one of the guys hooked and landed a small buck. And that was it, not so much as a nibble, not even an alewife. About 5:15 pm the breeze started picking up a little, coming up from Hartford. Not too hard, but it was chilly. About 5:30 pm it started raining lightly. I packed it in about 5:50 when it started to pick up. No Fish Today.

Terminal tackle: 1 oz drail over 3+' of 8# flouro, and hammered willows: silver in blue/yellow w/black dot, yellow w/red dot, and a hammered copper in orange w/black dot.

Maybe tomorrow after work I'll head down to the Wall in Cromwell. Tight lines!

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