18.May, 10:45 am-5:pm, on the docks at Ferry Park, Rocky Hill. The water was clear, except for flotsam that came by in clumps, often hanging up on the docks before floating loose again. The current was good, surface temp ~64F. There were only 2 regulars working the docks when I arrived, and 0 shad to be had. Another regular showed up by 11:30 or so, and we carried on a brisk casting practice for the next 2 hours. We caught and released a few alewives, yellow and white perch, and the odd minnow to keep the skunk off. The two regulars who were there before me left around noon.

About 1:30 Bill landed a nice roe, and 15 minutes later I did the same. A little after 2:pm, I landed a buck, and another regular joined us on the docks about that time. I wound up catching one more roe about 3:pm. Over the rest of the afternoon we caught shad about every 20-30 minutes. And between us we caught about a dozen, most were released, and most were roes! It was a very good day to be out.

Terminal tackle: 1 oz drail over 3' of 8# flouro, and willows in hammered silver orange/yellow w/orange dot (candy corn), Jamaican, blue/chartreuse w/black dot, Bill's "Stop Light" (white w/ some red and green dots and a couple of black bars; it's hard to describe without looking directly at it!). Candy corn was hot for me today. Another regular had good results with a hammered silver in pink w/black dot.

One of my brothers is coming to visit for a couple of days. Tomorrow we'll hit the Wall by noon, and maybe Ferry Park (depending on the 411). It's looking to be a great day to be out, and I can't wait. I hope the shad cooperate, but we all know it's fishing and not catching. Tight lines!

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