27.May, 4:25-6:10 pm, Rocky Hill. One solitary shadaholic was working the docks when I arrived, and he reported not so much as a nibble. About a half hour later another shadaholic joined us at casting practice. And that's what it was, practice casting. Nothing, nada, zilch. The current was fair, but the water was sh*tty with cotton, which clogged up the line, guides, and reel. I was tempted to order a cotton jenny, and start bailing the damned stuff. Fortunately the wind switched to our backs, and blew it toward the center of the river, and the Glastonbury shore. Still we were busy picking cotton from the lines, but it was at least tolerable at that point. For Ss&Gs, I grabbed a surface water temp, ~73F!

Terminal tackle: 1 oz drail over 3.5' 8# flouro leader, a hammered silver willow in white/chartreuse w/red & green dots & a black line.

No fish today. For anybody. I will try it again tomorrow after work, weather allowing, but between the cotton, and the weekend forecast, I'm thinking I'm done for the season. It's time to start thinking about the salt. Tight lines!

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