I headed to the Wall after stealing out of work early, arrived about 3:15 pm. More than a dozen people were working the length of the wall, but there was plenty of room for all. A couple of shad were on the bank, and one in a net on arrival. The current was good on a falling tide, but not ripping as it was on Tuesday. I started with my med-heavy set up (6' one-piece Ugly Stik Elite mated to a Penn 4400SS spooled with 15# Power Pro), and threw it for about 2 hours. When the current slowed in the last hour or so before dead low, I switched to the U/L set up to finish out the day.

A fair number of shad were caught, and about half released. Bill, who makes and sells leaves, caught a decent roe at 3.9#, 22" length, which he promptly released after a Kodak moment. All I got today was casting practice, a few bump and runs, and a head shake. No Fish Today.

Terminal tackle:
Med-heavy set up: 1.5 oz drail over 4' 8# flouro leader. Leaves: hammered silver in two-tone blue w/white dot, green w/black dot, orange w/red dot, and green w/red dot.

U/L set up: 1 oz. drail over 1.5'-2.5', 3'-4' 8# flouro leader, and hammered silver leaves in yellow w/red dot, orange w/black stripe, chartreuse and blue w/black dot, and hammered copper in pink w/black dot.

I'll head out in a little while, and see what today brings. Wish I could spend the day on the river, but yard work beckons and the grass wants cut before it rains. Tight lines!

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